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Mobile Marketing : Overview

Mobile marketing is promoting products and services via handheld devices such as cell phones, smart phones, tablets and so on. This form of marketing is never stand-alone but accompanied by other forms of Digital Marketing media. With the rapid growth of mobile phone use the world over, businesses have quickly adapted to mobile marketing trends and are constantly modifying their marketing methods to keep up with the times. Internet is no longer limited to only desktop or laptop usage. With faster internet speeds available even on mobile devices, people are accessing the web even when they are on the move. Hence, websites are receiving increasing traffic with more and more opportunities to hook prospective customers and make sales. This has, however, also led to an increasingly competitive market.

For companies to attract traffic and generate sales through mobile marketing, their websites should be conversant with mobile SEO practices. Search Engine Optimisation for websites already exist to make them easily discoverable on search engine result pages on desktops through techniques like keyword use, backlinks, page load times, engaging content and so on. Almost similar SEO techniques exist for mobile marketing as well.

The foremost aspect for mobile marketing is a responsive design for website and landing pages. A responsive design helps the website layout conform to varying screen sizes of desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile phones and smart phones. Regardless of the device he uses, the viewer will always see a well-formatted website layout with good web page flow. Responsive designs are favoured by both search engines and site visitors: search engines list such website URLs favourably if a user queries for the products or services the site provides; visitors get an engaging user experience which optimises conversion. SEO techniques for mobile marketing also comprise high page load speeds, minimal coding and minimal redirects to other web pages. Businesses should also optimise their content for local search on mobiles. The most commonly searched categories on mobiles are fun and entertainment, restaurants, movie listings and such. This genre of websites should be mobile friendly with all SEO features in place.

When it comes to the type of advertisements one can use in mobile marketing, pop-up ads are really not recommended. Visitors might find it difficult to click the close button, which could prove to be very annoying. This could lead to high bounce rates for the website and subsequent low search result ranking. Image and Facebook ads presented through mobile applications are a much more effective way of reaching out to people.

Mobile Marketing presents a good career opportunity for aspiring marketing professionals. The mobile marketing training course at Digital Floats, Hyderabad, covers all the technical know-how of mobile marketing concepts and the role they play in digital marketing and advertising.

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Mobile Marketing : Overview
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