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Adwords Training – Search Engine Marketing is a Digital Marketing Strategy in which companies promote their products and services through paid advertising. It differs from SEO and SMO strategies because it promotes businesses using paid channels to create online visibility. The working principle of SEO and SMO, on the other hand, is based on popular keywords; hence, these strategies are considered to be “organic”.

Adwords Training in Hyderabad

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Compared to print and broadcast media, SEM is the cheapest, considering the fact that the World Wide Web has a global reach compared to the other two. Search engine companies such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, charge a fee for companies to be included in their search result pages. The inclusion can be in the form of a simple search result link, a box ad, a pop-up ad or a banner ad. So, if a user types a particular keyword or string of keywords, the ad will appear in the response. The placement of the ad is pre-determined by the search engine based on various factors that the ad creator chooses. This location can be in the main search results area or a specified advertising space.

The advantage of SEM is its cost control feature that companies can modify as per their need from time to time. There is no fixed cost which needs to be adhered to across weeks, months or years. Companies can set budgets and limit their payments on a day-to-day basis to ensure that their finances are not overburdened.

In addition, there is a plethora of targeting options in paid search. Companies can manage the smallest to the biggest details of their advertisements from location to placement to network targeting in SEM. An additional benefit for e-commerce sites is that SEM can help directly link their marketing earnings to returns.

Google AdWords/PPC Course Uses

PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising lets your businesses to reach an audience by running campaigns through sponsored ads on the search engines. Whether you’re viewing to bring in a new website visitor, grow online sales, get the phones ringing or keep customers coming back for more, Google AdWords can help. Your business gets found by people on Google search precisely when they are searching for the things that you offer. Google AdWords makes you manage your campaign by yourself.

Digital Floats, Digital Marketing Training Institute, Hyderabad provides a complete knowledge of the internal workings of this Search Engine Marketing mechanism, with special concentration on Pay per Click training programme. Having gained a name as the Digital Marketing Training Institute of Hyderabad, we promise you the expertise that you need to create internet-based ads that impact rather than those that just propagate to sell products worldwide.

A popular SEM tool used globally by small, medium and large-scale companies is Google AdWords. AdWords incorporate Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing into its workings and is one of Google’s main revenue generators. AdWords uses keywords entered by users to display relevant ads on Google and its advertising network and includes local, national and international distribution.

The AdWords program enables businesses to set a budget for advertising and pay only when people click the ad. To register into AdWords, companies first pay Google a lump sum amount and bid for a per-click cost. Google AdWords then uses the Cost per Click (CPC) also called Pay per Click (PPC) pricing system to execute its advertising service. This means that Google does not charge the advertising company for displaying the ad; only when a user performs a click action on the ad, do a predetermined amount of money, usually, a few paise, get deducted from the lump sum.

Advertisements can be designed in AdWords in a matter of just a few minutes. They take the format of a short text ad which includes a title line limited to 25 characters, two short descriptive lines of 35 characters and a URL link with a maximum of 35 characters to a website or a specific website page. Google has an active official public help and support community maintained and frequented by highly experienced AdWords users.

The Pay Per Click concept of SEM is not limited to Google AdWords alone. Most search engines and internet marketing companies sell text, pop-up, and banner ad space to companies across the World Wide Web work using this mechanism.

The AdWords course and advanced AdWords Certification training offered at Digital Floats training institute guarantees its students complete knowledge of the internal workings of this Search Engine Marketing mechanism, with special focusing on Pay per Click training programme. Aspiring digital marketing analysts and managers can get an in-depth understanding of how to use Google AdWords to hit the target audience accurately based on geographical location and individual interests. Having earned a name as providers of the best AdWords training in Hyderabad, we promise you the expertise you need to create internet-based ads that impact rather than those that just propagate to sell products worldwide.

Search Engine Marketing encompasses two more sub-strategies, which are display marketing and video marketing.

Digital Floats Training Institute offered Full Time and weekend Adwords Certification Training Courses are custom designed Programme that appropriately fit the profession wishes of new career-seekers, operating professionals or even enterprise owners.

Course Content

Introduction – Success with AdWord Campaigns

  • Introduction to Pay Per Click
  • Advantages of PPC
  • Entities Involved in PPC Advertising
  • Blue Print of a PPC Ad
  • Properties of a Compelling PPC Ad
  • General Formula for Calculating PPC

Landing Pages

  • Introduction to landing pages
  • Types of Landing pages
  • Creating Niche targeted Landing Pages

Quality Score Defines Your Success

  • What Quality Score & its importance
  • How High Should Your Quality Score Ranking?
  • Google Lets the Users Rank Your Ads by CTR
  • The Yellow/Pink Top Three Position in Google Ad Words
  • How You Can Find Out the Quality Score of Your Keywords
  • How You Can Ensure a High-Quality Score
  • Landing Page Quality Score Guidelines

Adword billing Account and Campaign Structure

  • Building the Account
  • Prepay Budget
  • Post-pay Budget
  • Billing Method
  • Monthly Invoicing
  • Keyword Grouping

Adwords Tools

  • Keyword Tool
  • IP Exclusion
  • Traffic Estimator
  • Insights for Search
  • Ads Diagnostics Tool

The Google Ad Words Universe

  • Google Search Partners
  • Google Display Network
  • Google Video Network
  • Google Apps Network
  • Google Product
  • Mobile Ad network

Knowing About Settings in Google Search AdWords

  • Locations and Languages
  • Networks and Devices
  • Bidding and Budget
  • Delivery Method (Advanced)
  • Ad Extensions
  • Location Extension Example
  • Call Extension Example
  • Advanced Settings
  • Ad Delivery: Ad Rotation, Frequency Capping

Advanced Settings for Google Ad Words Search Campaign

  • Networks
  • Bidding and Budget
  • Ad Extensions
  • Advanced Settings

Importance of Keywords

  • Broad Match Keywords
  • Broad Match Modifier
  • Phrase Match
  • Exact Match
  • Keyword Research
  • Let Google Work for You

Optimizing Negative Keywords

  • How Do Negative Keywords Work?
  • Sculpt Your Campaigns with Negative Keywords
  • Building a Great Negative Keyword List
  • How Do You Add Negative Keywords?

Google Ad Words Campaign Tracking

  • Google Ad Words Conversion Tracking
  • Linking with Google Analytics
  • Importing Goals from Google Analytics
  • Ad Words Search Funnel

Bid Management and Daily Budget

  • How to Set the Right Bid the First Time
  • The Ad Words Auction
  • Determining Your Daily Budget
  • Small Trick for Campaigns
  • Ad Group Level vs. Keyword Level Bid Management

Landing Pages–The Google Ad Words Extension

  • Test Your Current Landing Pages
  • Replicate Successful Ads and Their Wording
  • General Landing Page Advice
  • Remember Your Quality Score

Optimizing Adwords Campaigns

  • It’s All One Big A/B Test
  • How Much Time Do You Need?
  • Ad Optimization
  • Bid Management
  • Expanding Your Keyword List
  • Negative Keywords
  • Include Current Offers and
  • Quality Score Optimization
  • Importance of Conversion Tracking

The Adwords Interface

  • Networks
  • Ad Extensions
  • Dimensions
  • Which Metrics Do You Need in Your Ad Words Interface?
  • Features in the Ad Words Interface

Adwords Editor

  • Introduction & Importance of Adword editor

MCC Account in Google Ad Words

  • How Do You Get an MCC Account?


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