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Our Social Media Marketing Training in Hyderabad is a digital marketing technique that makes use of social networking sites to promote companies and businesses. This technique is closely linked to SEM and helps businesses build their ranking on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest…

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The internet is flooded with a variety of social media portals such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Thousands of users connect with each other to create and share information related to personal interests, careers, social causes, events and so on. SMM helps individual users or user communities to generate awareness and publicity about a company’s products and services on such social media sites using a sub-technique known as Social Media Optimization (SMO).

Let us suppose a user creates a group or community on Facebook. A company approaches him and offers free products or other types of incentives to comment positively about its product or service. The user agrees and the posts or comments he creates on that page will become legal endorsements for that product or service. Such posts might get “shared” or “liked” by various other users and user communities. When this happens, it contributes to the overall popularity of that web page. Similarly, a user may write a favorable tweet about a company’s product or service on Twitter and set off a chain reaction of positive feedbacks.


SMM/SMO Course: Objective

Search engines then utilize these user recommendations, “shares” and “likes” to analyze and rank websites on the search result pages. This is the working principle behind SMM and SMO Courses.

In addition, with search results becoming increasingly personalized based on an individual’s interests and geographic location, SMO helps businesses target potential customer segments based on his or her geography. All this facilitates lead generation and conversion rates.

As more and more users like or share information about a particular company it helps create a positive perception in the minds of the people. This leads to the business or brand name going viral and soon multitudes of users begin visiting the company website to know more about it, turning them into prospective customers and building a healthy business-consumer relationship.

Thus, Social Media Marketing and Social Media Optimization courses help bridge the gap between customers and service providers, at the same time promising better Return on Investment (ROI).

Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad At Digital Floats are giving training on SMM SMO to students the principles behind social media marketing strategies and how to make businesses achieve good rankings using with SMM Training. Our social media marketing course also imparts knowledge on the best practices used in the market to leverage the power of SEO and SMO to give businesses the boost they need.


Social Media Marketing Course Content

Overview of Social Media Marketing

  • Introduction
  • Promotion Types
  • Importance of Landing Page
  • Tools that you should use in Social Media Marketing

Facebook Marketing (B2B & B2C Promotions)

  • Introduction to Facebook advertising in 2016
  • Analyzing your Competitive Facebook ads
  • Working on a power editor tool
  • Creating Facebook ads
  • Generating Facebook Ads Reports
  • Create Instagram Ads using Facebook Ads
  • Analyzing and optimizing Instagram Ads

LinkedIn Marketing (B2B Promotions)

  • Introduction to LinkedIn Ads
  • Competitive analysis of LinkedIn Ads
  • Creating LinkedIn Ads
  • Generating Analysis Reports

Twitter Marketing

  • Twitter Ads Campaign for Business
  • Analysis Report
  • Creating Twitter Ads
  • Generating Analysis Reports
  • How to Promote with Twitter Hashtags


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