Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management : Overview

Online reputation management is the process of controlling what shows up when someone Google’s your name or brand any situation is determining whether or not you have a problem. Their results are populated with relevant, positive content about you.

Online reputation is also applicable to individuals. Companies looking to hire people for a particular position, resort to searching up candidate profiles on the World Wide Web. What that prospective employee’s profile, views and comments tells the recruiter can make or break his place in the hiring process.

Online reputation of a person or company is moulded through various channels. It could be in the form of feedback comments, review sites, blog posts and comments left on them. Just one negative comment from a dissatisfied customer has the potential to damage a company’s reputation for a long, long time. If the company does not take immediate steps to pacify the customer and repair its reputation, it could end up destroying ties with existing customers and drive away new customers completely. Similarly, individuals too must keep in touch with their online image to ensure their future careers or associations with others are not hampered.

Digital Floats’ Online Reputation Management Training programme trains students on the various aspects, strategies and techniques of how to manage the online reputation of individuals and companies alike.

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Online Reputation Management
  • Overview of Online Reputation Management
  • What is online reputation management?
  • Why online reputation management for Brand or Product
  • Understanding ORM scenario
How to deal with criticism online
  • 10 Online reputation management Commandments
  • 15 ways to create positive brand image online
Online Reputation Tools
  • Understanding tools for monitoring online reputation
  • Step by Step guide to overcome negative online reputation
  • Best examples of Online Reputation Management