Online Marketing

Online Marketing Overview

Online or internet marketing or online advertising covers all forms of digital marketing channels namely, SEO, SMM, and SMO as well as SEM along with sub-strategies such as AdWords, PPC, Display and Video Marketing and so on. All these channels are harnessed by companies keeping only one goal in mind – that is to promote their brand image, their products, and their services. Online marketing encompasses a diversified approach of getting the company name out into the open, serving information to prospective buyers from all corners of the globe, and transforming them into customers in a bid to generate sales.

One avenue common to all digital marketing channels and upon which digital marketing is dependent is website development. Without a website, most digital marketing strategies would lose ground. A company might set aside large sums of money to design the most compelling and competent ads or social media pages, but without a website to go back to, visitors would lose interest in not only the product or service but the company as well. This is because a website brings together all bits and pieces of advertised information scattered across different media around the World Wide Web under one roof.

Compared to the past, designing, launching and maintaining a website has become simple and relatively inexpensive. Website templates are freely available, which web designers can use to customize as per the requirements of a particular company.

Typically, a website has a brief introduction to the company and its pioneers, extensive and exhaustive information about the products or services it provides, all contact information channels such as geographical address, telephone numbers, email address, and in more recent times, social networks links to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on. Once a website is ready, companies can resort to SEO, SEM and SMO/SMM to advertise their products further and reach out to the public.

Digital Floats’ online marketing training programme, which is the best internet marketing course in the city of Hyderabad, delves into such detailed nuances of website development and teaches students how a good website goes hand-in-hand with digital marketing channels.

Course Content

  • HTML 5 Document Structure
  • HTML 5 Physical Formatting tags
  • HTMl5 Logical Formatting tags