How To Earn Money Using Advanced Google AdSense

Google AdSense is your key to earning good money with a little effort. It is a good way for small and big websites to earn some shared revenue. It will place advertisement in your website, those that are pertaining to the content of your website, for those who are the visitors of your site. Whenever a visitor sees your ad, or clicks on it, you are paid some amount of money in return. There are some strategies you can follow to earn more with google Ads.

1. Create an Ad:

Firstly you’ve to have an account with AdSense. Log into it and choose to create an advertisement. You can then assign any name to your ad. Next you will have to choose the ad size that will be displayed. You will have to customize your ad, like more text or more image based, etc. You can create a custom channel which will help you to keep a track of the ads on your page and more ads will be placed in your website. You can further add styles and formats like borders or colors to the ad on your page. You can then, either save the ad you’ve created t you can avail the HTML code for that specific ad.

2. Ad campaign:

One good way to attract more ad and people to click on it is to design your web content in a way that will make users want to click on the ad. Say, your content is about art, then you must avail ads that are related like paint implements, art exhibition tickets. Know your target audience and get ads according to what you feel they’ll want to check out. You can go to your AdS account and set what type of ads you want, or what way the ad should be placed, grouping of the ads and the like. It makes everything easier to control. You can then check which ads are getting more clicked and then set AdS to put that kind of campaigns on your website. You can also set the placement, if ads should be at the top or beside the content it is related to. Some people place ads within the text of the website so that visitors don’t have to hunt the page. Google AdSense lets you completely customize everything. You can check Google’s advice on ad placement. Learn about AdSense to know how they work.

3. Learn more:

It’s important you learn more about the ways to fetch money. Know how much money you’re going to make for the ads on your page. That will help you decide on the number of ads. You should advertise your blog amongst others to get maximum traffic. For every thousand views you get around, 0.5 to 5$. It’s very less if you have only a 100 visitors. Your revenue will entirely depend on the number of clicks, and you cannot click your own ad, you’ll be closed down. Keep checking the performance on your site constantly.

It is important that your content is good enough to attract users. You can get excellent training in digital marketing at some great institutions in Hyderabad. Their courses in digital marketing will help you increase revenue through AdSense to a great degree.