Accenture Adwords Interview Questions

Most Important accenture AdWords Interview Questions and Answers.
In the twenty first century, it is your interview and not your resume which decides whether you will bag a job or not. Accepting this harsh reality is an integral part of the excruciatingly arduous job hunting process. Your resume barely states your qualifications; the rest would be determined at the interview. Now nailing the interview is of crucial importance and this is the part where most people stumble.

More often than not, you know exactly what questions are going to be asked and you are aware of the correct answers as well, but you might freeze in the moment; don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. The only thing you can do is to prepare yourself for every possible question and situation that may befall you. Do you have aGoogleAdWords interview coming up soon? The article below lists about 30 possible questions you may be asked and suitable answers to these questions. Preparing these answers would ensure that you deliver them without fumbling, thus increasing your chances of beating your competitors.

Here are some examples:
1)What is GoogleAdWords?
This is your most obvious question at Google AdWords interview, and the simplest one too. This is a tool used by Google which can be used by sites and companies to improve the search engine results and may be used for marketing. When people search using certain keywords, these sites would be shown as suggestions.

2)How do Google AdWords work?
Basically, Google AdWords depends to a large extent on the nature of the bid. Someone who has paid more for an ad would be given a higher ranking, thus making that particular website appear above others. These ads work on the pay per click basis as well.

3)Why use Google AdWords?
It isn’t simply enough to generate traffic or attract millions to your website unless that triggers action. GoogleAdWords ensures that only those visitors who intend to do business with you visit your page. This helps you make the most of your traffic and generates suitable leads. These visitors know precisely what they are doing and would benefit you in the process.

4)What is ad rank?
As the very name suggests, an ad rank is the ranking given to your ad based on the amount you have paid. The rank of your ad is directly proportional to the bid you have placed.

5)What is a Google auction?
This kind of an auction is carried out a billion times in a month; the search engine then pours through the bids and ranks the ads. As a result, it becomes easier for the users or the visitors to categorise the ads. They would be searching using specific keywords and would be shown search results which cater to their very needs.

6)What is Google quality score?
Of course, with any website, it is important to judge the quality of the website. Once you start using GoogleAdWords, Google would be analysing your website based on a number of parameters (your usefulness, relevance, landing page and so on). Based on that, you would be receiving a Google quality score which is a lot like a certificate.

7)What is an ad group?
It always helps to be organised. This is where an ad group comes in. In short, an ad group would collectively present all your keywords, landing pages and ads in one place, making it easier for you to sift through them. If you come up with campaigns that are well designed, then Google rewards you for that as well.

8)What isa conversion optimiser?

This is one tool that can help you manipulate the bids and get back better returns on your investment. As a matter of fact, it would help you determine which clicks would increase your website’s value.

9)Can options be changed once you create an account?
Once an account has been created in GoogleAdWords, the time zone and currency options cannot be altered. Thus it is recommended that users remain extra cautious while filling in the details.

10)How to enhance conversion rates?
Simply having keywords or using GoogleAdWords will not enhance your conversion rates. The key is matching the right content of your website with the right keywords and using them strategically. More importantly, it is imperative that you use marketing campaigns that are targeted at the right audience to ensure success.

11)Broad matches or exact keywords?
Why go the mainstream way and use exact keywords which are matched with the specific content? That does not set you apart from other websites doing the same thing. Instead, broaden your bases. Widen your pool. Use broad matches which would attract more traffic; and as we all know, more traffic increases chances of conversion.

12)What is a Google ad extension?
Some GoogleAdWords extensions are as follows:
•Seller ratings
•Mobile app extension
•Offer ads
•Communication Ad
•Review extension
•Call Extensions
•Location Extensions
•Social Annotations

13)How to determine click through rate?
To calculate the click through rate of your website and hence it efficiency, there persists a formula which can help you out. The formula is, click through rate is equal to (Total clicks / Total impressions) * 100. Now a fair idea of the click through rate would help you improve your rankings.

14)The most significant factor in determining ad position?
Contrary to popular opinion, it is not click through rate which determines the rank or position of your ad. Instead, it is the cost per click or CPC which is the most important factor in this case.

15)How to manage a number of GoogleAdWords accounts?
Many people create numerous GoogleAdWords accounts which may be used to deal with different clients. In order to manage all these accounts, you would need one single unique email id linked to the accounts.

16)How can one calculate the return on ad spend?

Like the click through rate, it is equally important to calculate the return on ad spend or ROAS. The formula for that is the ration between sales and spend.

17)What is a broad match modifier?

In question number 11, we talked about how broad matches are preferred to your exact matches. Keywords that match specifically would only cater to some users. Instead, by using a broad match modifier, you would be extending the reach of your ads and thus increasing chances of conversion.

18)What is the length of destination URL?
A destination URL can have a length of 1024 characters maximum.

19)What are managed and automatic placements?

In case of managed placements, you get to choose where to place your ads. However in the case of automatic placements, you don’t really get an option.

20)Factors affecting landing page
The landing page of your website would be judged or analysed on the basis of these factors – presentation, loading time, content, neatness, ease in navigation, user friendliness, transparency, site policy conformation, privacy policy, contact information and so on.

21)What to do when ads get disapproved?
It might so happen that the ads that you have put up are disapproved. Now this can be bad for the ratings. In that case, something must be done to counter the disapproval. Once you are notified of the disapproval, you must take it into account and start working on your ad; you can fix the errors or enhance certain aspects. Some ads may have to be redone completely.

22)How many characters in the headline?
The headline of a search text should be kept simple, precise and to the point. You should limit it to about 25 characters to optimize the effect.

23)What is impression share metric?
An impression share metric refers to the ration between the impression and the total impression shares. This impression share metric and the data it provides can be used to enhance the effect of campaigns and ads to lure in users.

24)What feature can be used to deal with the user’s query in the ad text?
The user’s query may be inserted in Dynamic Keyword Insertion section. Digital Floats institute is a superb organization that can help you out with queries related to GoogleAdWords questions.

25)What is phrase match?
This is a common aspect of Google AdWords interview questions. A phrase match is when the user types the exact keywords in the search box along with other words.

26)Can product brochures be included?
Product brochures, in pdf, cannot be included.

27)How to get hold of performance data?
Search term report is what can help you get hold of performance data which can come in handy later on.

28)Are quality score and page rank related?
No, quality score and page rank of landing pages are not related.

29)What is CPM, CPV AND CPC?
CPC is cost per click, CPM is cost per thousand and CPV is cost per view.

30)Why do the ads disappear at times?
It may so happen that the keywords being used aren’t common enough to be used by the users. In that case, something must be done in regards to the keywords used.
With these Google AdWords interview questions, you are now ready for your interview. Digital Floats is an institute in Hyderabad that can train you for your Google AdWords interview in their adwords training course, so that you bag the job of your dreams.