Advanced Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers 2018

Must Read: Advanced Digital Marketing Interview Questions

1. How does voice search change the Internet?

New voice recognition devices such as Amazon Nexa and Google Assistant have become a new online shopping trend at Amazon. Currently, on the global level, Google has announced that about 20% of searches are voice searches. Smart speakers are interesting trends in terms of marketing as well, because they primarily convey information through audition rather than sight, so that they can predict the birth of new media. In the future, this trend is expected to further expand. `

2. What is Chatbot?

Chatbot operates based on artificial intelligence and plays an important role in interaction and communication with customers through the chat interface. This is certainly one of the most powerful digital marketing trends in 2018. Even famous brands worldwide use chatbots to increase profits.

3. What do you mean by Structured Markup on is a structured markup standard developed by Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. By structured markup at, search engines can recognize website data, images, etc. In addition, by marking up according to the specification of a schema, you can have search engines collect accurate information and provide search results that meet user needs.

4. Explain segmentation?

Segmentation is a method of subdividing the market into categories by specific attributes such as residence, age, preference, behavior pattern, etc. Segmentation in marketing refers to “how to classify customers to determine the target customer base.”

5. Explain Rich Snippet and its use?

Rich snippet refers to rich information other than ordinary explanatory text displayed in search results. In search results such as Google, it is usual to display the page title, URL, short description.

6. What is Dynamic Content?

Dynamic content is HTML content such as website, form, landing page, mail, etc. It can be changed for each user. After identifying the user, the corresponding content is displayed for that user.

7. What is a retargeting advertisement?

Retargeting advertisement means that you can display your company’s advertisement on various sites that visit after visiting users on their site by marking them in a way that exists. In other words, it can be said that you can advertise by following the user’s behavior.

8. What are the tips for successful retargeting ads?

Retargeting ads have a great influence on the probability of successful list creation. One can extract a list in the following way.

  • A user who visited only the top page and left
  • A user who entered the shopping basket but left without purchasing
  • Users who viewed items A and left them
  • A user who viewed the item of B and left

9. Long tail keyword vs short tail keyword

Short keywords tend to disappear more and more. By applying voice search keywords will gradually become longer.

10. What is the difference between Content Strategy and Content Marketing?

Content marketing is an act of thinking about how to spread the contents already published and think of it to reach many people. Content strategy is a method for “thinking strategically the content that contributes to the business” among various methods of sending information such as CMS and blog service. Content strategy is thinking about strategies to achieve the goals of marketing.

11. Explain the term Cross-selling?

Cross-selling is to recommend products related to the products and services that the customer wishes and have them purchase by customers.

12. What do you understand by robots.txt?

A text file (.txt) to be described when controlling the operation of “crawler” that recognizes the contents of the file (page or directory) of the website. Robots.txt is one of the internal optimization measures, and if set properly, the SEO effect can be greatly improved.

13. What is the difference between inbound and outbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a method that waits for users to come looking for information. On the other hand, outbound marketing is a basic method of sales promotion measures using conventional advertisement in a way that advertisements are posted on external media etc. and attention is paid to the user first.