The Best SEO Marketing Tips for 2018

The Best SEO Marketing Tips for 2018

You might have been through boring same old SEO Marketing Tips and articles, but this is different. These are the latest seo techniques 2017 left us with and these aren’t the same old. These will help you up your game quite a bit. These have been suggested by experts around the globe and while they are simple to implement, understanding them, implementing them and being patient is the key. These tips aren’t the ones your competitors are following and might pave the way for you a lot faster. They even take a few old tricks but implement them in a new way. Read on to find out more.


  1. Mobile friendliness and a high site speed

Though you might have heard these before, these two still fare as TOP SEO techniques 2018. Use tools like “Think With Google” and others to gauge your site speed well and remove all bugs and ads that prevent your site from loading fast. Ideally you site should load in a maximum of three seconds. Focus on stuff like images and optimize them well. You can try tools like Your site should also be highly mobile friendly, as the number of handheld devices are only on the rise and Google seems to be giving high priority to them.


  1. Focus on in depth topics rather than keywords

One of the latest SEO techniques 2018 is focusing on topics rather than blindly running behind keywords. Instead, focus on what the user might be searching for, and answer these queries. This will need you to know your target audience well. A detailed overview of the audience can help you with topics which you can then explore in depth. Substantiate with proper research and offer something new to users instead of the stale stuff already available. However, keywords are still essential but do not overstuff your content with keywords. Use them very judiciously.


  1. Reuse and update old content

This is a trick which should save you trouble but prove to be really effective. Go back to your older content, put in newer data, update it properly and republish it.

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  1. 4. Build engagement

With a changing dynamic digital ecosystem, engagement no longer means active participation of a user, but also holding a reader’s attention for long enough. This is important because it increases the amount of time a user spends on your page. This can be enhanced via various different parameters. Write catchy headlines and neatly organize your content into short paragraphs. Use relevant images and infographics throughout the content. Write in a news writing style known as the inverted pyramid style where you start with the most important news and slowly proceed down to the less important parts.


  1. A solid website

Content aside, a proper website can do wonders in terms of SEO. Try to go through the long process of switching to HTTPS. Use tools like Deep Crawl that help in understanding Google’s crawling mechanism to make sure Google does crawl pages that you want it to and not. Remove all 404 errors as they can spell doom for the website. Understand and make sure you semantic mark ups are correct. These are necessary HTML tags that help crawlers understand your content better and more easily. Look up Plugins that help boost your site. Build a proper site following the best SEO marketing tips for 2018 and leave a lot of worries aside.


SEO is a constantly evolving arena. It changes and adapts every day and no single person can overnight understand all of Google’s algorithms to crack SEO well. It’s a process full of patience, testing, experimenting and innovating. Find out the basics of what is seo techniques before you start out and make sure you follow these steps diligently.