How to Choose Right Keyword to Increase Access and Conversions

Keyword selection is skill that will become necessary for content marketing and other SEO. If you cannot select the right keywords, even if you succeed in displaying the high ranking, you will have problems such as lack of access and conversion.

The purpose of setting keywords is to make it easier for other researchers to catch up with their research papers when searching related themes. By setting keywords, one can define specialized fields, related fields, themes, research subjects and so on.

Many search engines, databases, and journal websites use keywords to judge whether to publish the paper for readers in related fields and when to publish them. If the keyword makes it easier to find a paper, the number of citations will also increase. That is why it is important to set keywords that are highly relevant to the thesis theme and easy to search.

 Points To Consider When Selecting Keywords

When selecting SEO keywords, it is important to think about ‘what kind of keywords users will purchase their products from’. For example, when it is said to be a keyword, beginners tend to use key products or their page selling directly handled on their site as keywords . Of course it is also necessary as one of the keywords, but that alone is not enough. It is very important to think about ‘what kind of customer is the customer of the future’ and ‘what kind of benefit you are asking’ that comes to your site and buys goods.

Process of Keyword Selection

1. List of keyword candidates

2. Search number of keywords picked up

3. Investigate the situation of rival sites

4. Look at the balance of the search volume and the SEO difficulty level, and decide the keywords to be countermeasured

What are Small and Big Keyword?

Small keyword is a keyword with few search times. Small keywords are frequently searched in conjunction with big keywords, and the number of searches by themselves is small, but there are also merits that fewer competitors. In addition, there is a possibility that it is a keyword that tends to lead to CV even if the number of searches is small.

Big keywords are keywords that are frequently searched by search engines. Many inflows can be expected if superior display can be done with SEO.

List Keyword Combinations That Match Your Company’s Goals

To select the SEO keyword, ‘Portfolio’ creation is valid. A portfolio is a table that analyzes keywords from multiple viewpoints and analyzes the optimal combination. Specifically, it is created by describing a keyword, search volume, contention degree, topics in Q & A site, pages of other related sites, targeted CTA (call-to-action) etc. in a table like an excel sheet To do.

When creating a portfolio, you need to analyze keywords that match the goals of your site. If it is a cosmetic e-commerce site, we will consider keywords of famous brands. Also, the word that should be covered in the IT media of the IT tool is the word that the company IT worker should be interested in.

Importance of Keyword Survey

However, as a preliminary step in tackling such technical adjustments and content creation, it is necessary to ‘Survey to decide keywords you want to acquire inflows at the site’. If you do not conduct a keyword survey, there is a danger that you will walk a thorny way, somehow going only for big keywords with a large number of searches, or targeting keywords that are difficult to display on your own site.


There is not one keyword to countermeasure at one site. By balancing SEO measures against multiple keywords with less competition and high demand, one can build a powerful site that is not affected by changes in needs and trends in other companies.