Exciting Predictions On The Future of SEO 2018

Few Exciting Predictions on the Future of SEO 2018

Search Engine Optimization is the task of improving the accuracy of results, displayed when something is searched for by a user via his/her search engine. There are many Search Engines available such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. and each of these search engines has different policies and algorithms based on which they display results. Even though the algorithms differ, the process of looking into sites are majorly based on keywords used by the user. In this blog, we are going look into the Future of SEO and how it is going to improve the list of results displayed.

All of Google’s algorithms are prioritized to display sites that provide users with the best web experience. If a website is programmed to fulfill the user’s need, Google’s algorithm will find it and rank it higher compared to other sites.

Earlier, SEO was included in the field of Information Technology. But with the amount of progress the internet has made, SEO is now much more than a sheer technicality. In this world where new sites are being developed on a daily basis, simple algorithms do not suffice. Content has to be user-friendly and it is Google’s job to rank these sites based on their requirement, utility, and user-friendly nature.

When Google realized that a site has proper authorized information according to the user’s search request, it will provide an appropriate rank to the site on its display page.

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In the past few years, SEO algorithms gave keywords a more priority than other factors. Nowadays user’s requirements cannot be judged based on keywords only. The Future of SEO is now based on User experience and that is the primary focus of almost all SEO algorithms. Rather than matching keywords, SEO algorithms try to look for what the user is looking for and how much a site is relevant to the search. Keywords that the user entry can be of little importance if it does not fulfill the user’s requirements.

The Future of SEO:

Now let us shift to the main interest of this blog, the ‘Future of SEO’. As we know, Google is the world’s leading Search Engine. Google primary objective is user’s experience with a site. If a site engages a user in it, that means some content of appropriate relevance is found by the user on the site. If this does not happen and this engagement factor is low relative to the search user has made, the site will be dropped in its ranking and will appear at a much lower position than a more engaging site.

To create a site with such high demanding algorithms, in a time where the Future of SEO is user experience, always keep in mind that what issues will a user be looking to resolve while browsing your site. If you try to imagine your site from the user’s perspective and create a site where all possible things that a user, looking into your site, might be looking for, then you’ll have a better chance to hop up the rankings on Google’s search list.

Always remember this: ‘When you become obsessed with the user, Google becomes obsessed with you.’

Importance of AMP in the Future of Search Engine Optimization:

We are all aware of how Mobile Phones have overshadowed Computer systems. Thus, sites are mostly visited via these mobile devices in comparison to Computers. The shift from computers to mobile was massive and so developers have to optimize their sites for mobile viewing. This is when AMP makes its entrance.  AMP, or Accelerated Mobile Pages, is an open source initiative that developers from all around the world, work on so that accessing the web can get better for all of us. This Initiative’s primary motive is to keep optimizing the web for mobile viewing with more attractive, fast and high-end performance across multiple platforms with varying attributes.

Before there was a technological explosion in the mobile phone market, developers had their focus on developing pages and sites for computers only. When mobile devices started to allow users to access the internet, the tide started to shift slowly and gradually. But, with Smartphones entering the market, and promising availability of almost all features that one could access on a computer, in their palms, it was obvious where this was leading to.


Does SEO have a future which depends on AMP?

Amp is in the future of SEO professionals who have the knowledge of how patterns of these searches are changing and how much impact mobile phones have on searches.

Now, almost every site has dual interfaces which will surface, depending on the nature of the device they are being accessed with. Even though Visual effects are an important factor, speed is also a crucial and game-changing factor when to comes to browsing. A survey by Google has reported that 53% of the people trying to access a particular site, will stop and switch or close the site if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds or less. Thus a site with high graphics and a heavily ornamented interface, will take more time to load and will probably lose more viewers than they are supposed to.  If you are interested in the future of Search marketing and how to get your site the top ranks, you should keep speed along with Interface and utility as important factors.

Other Important factors are:

RankBrain is one of the three factors which influence Google’s search the most. Nobody yet knows what it is or on what principles it functions. But the Question is does SEO have a future with RankBrain as it is now? Some experts seem to think RankBrain is an AI that helps SEO algorithms search for particular sites with higher efficiency. So yes, if that is the case, it does have a future involvement in Search engine optimization.

Content is the leading factor for a site. The amount of satisfaction a user gets from using your site for information or various other actions is based on the content creator’s capabilities. Your sites need to be properly organized and prepare to solve all queries of the user. It is the heart of a site and without it, everything else is just meaningless. Work and improve on your content and keep updating. Updating your sites with the events occurring in real-time is a necessary activity that one must do to keep up in the game of who gets the highest rank.

Future of SEO professionals:

In this war of who’s the better search engine, Google has proven itself the undisputed champion over the years and it is only because Google’s algorithms are based on how much utility a user can find in your site and the entire concept revolves around user satisfaction and searching for what it is that the user exactly needs.

To be a better professional and to judge properly the SEO future scopes, you should keep in mind the following factors:

  1. a) Try to be People-Centric and try to view sites from a User’s perspective,
  2. b) Try to optimize sites for mobile devices,

c)Try to gather as much knowledge on Artificial intelligence as possible.

  1. d) Try to learn more about Google’s algorithms and compare them to algorithms used by other Engines and try to fit into the future of search marketing.
  2. e) Try to learn more about RankBrain.

There are major SEO future scopes for anyone trying to get into this field of work. The future of search engine optimization depends on the technological advancements in devices as well as the change in people’s perspective when they view a certain site. For someone who would like to learn more about SEO, there are institutes such as Digital Floats, a premier institute that will provide Training In Digital Marketing In Hyderabad and can help in providing the right kind of guidance and training required for SEO.