Benefits of Social Selling for your Business

How can Social Selling help in Growing your Business?

Where Multi-National companies are dominating the markets, small businesses often find themselves at difficult positions in the field of sales. Large companies hire teams of efficient and skilled people who are well equipped to create new leads and open up markets to more of the population. Because of grand scale in which these activities take place, most small businesses get overwhelmed by it. A small-scale entrepreneur has to deal with tasks like generating new sales, marketing, administration,etc. So it is quite difficult to survive in the market where large corporations have entire teams of skilled individuals devoted to a particular task.

But with improving technology on a daily basis and the global reach of social media. There is a way to market your product on a large scale as well. The solution to all your problems is: Social Selling.

What is Social Selling?

Social Selling is a method of releasing your prospects for a targeted group of an audience using Social Media and other digital tools with intention of increasing customer interest and eventually increase Sales. Basically you have to use the Internet especially the Social media networks. To build relationships with your potential clients and make them aware of what you’re business has to offer.

There are multiple benefits of Social Selling and have shown amazing results for Small business to business companies Marketing and Sales Professionals, Professional Service Providers, and Custom made product Industries.

Social Selling Tips and How to Make and Effective Plan:

1.Get Started On LinkedIn:

The Best Social Media Platform for Businesses to establish itself is LinkedIn. It is so because LinkedIn is solely focused on growing businesses and bringing various businesses together on one platform. Here you can find the best social selling B2B (Business to Business) results. You can also Get enrolled in institutes like Digital Floats that provides training on social media marketing. LinkedIn is the most effective platform for a B2B lead generation because of the following reasons:

a) LinkedIn has a Global Reach in over 200 Countries and almost 500 million users worldwide.

b) Content Distribution of LinkedIn is ranked the #1 in the world.

c) As LinkedIn is a platform, built to make business easier throughout, there are tons of business users. So, the traffic and exposure of your business will be perceived by the very people who need the products and services your business is offering.

d) The Most impressive feature of LinkedIn is that it is tremendously easy to connect with people and building relationships with your prospects. All you need to do is establish the fact that you have all knowledge surrounding your content.


Always keep looking for newer prospects. There are tons of businesses out there who may have use of your products/Services and it is your duty to keep an eye out for them. Your LinkedIn Account should be optimized to be visible to the prospects and also easier for them to find you. If it is you selling or buying, a keen vision of your surrounding is very important for any business.

3.Be the One to Make the First contact:

When have found out the types of businesses or individuals you were looking for, it is your duty to make contact if you have to make a sale. You should make the initial request to connect with them. In your request, build a sense of trust with the buyer as to why it is that you’re trying to connect with them. Try to personalize your request in accordance to the prospects and let them know what you’re putting on the table.

4.Build Relationships:

A Buyer/Seller relationship should be established for a satisfying sale and also to build brand loyalty. When you approach a prospect, tell them the things you have found to be interesting with their profiles.  Make sure to let them know why you’re here and what it is that you’re looking for. Maintaining Clarity always serves as an important factor in a long-lasting relationship.

5.Taking Relationships to the next level:

Set Up a business meeting in person or through Skype an give them a personal touch so that a proper rapport can be built. Be polite and provide all the details your prospect needs. Be as convincing as possible but do not offer what you cannot provide.

With improving times and trends, businesses have to develop and evolve with the sands of time. Giving your business the modern approach is the smartest thing you can do for your business. Grow and Build with the help of all the tools provided to you And utilize practices like social selling for your business growth.