LinkedIn – The Ideal Stop For Successful Advertising

There is a surge of growing entrepreneurship in the world and even in India. The young are daring to dream of new startup ideas which are only possible through the right networking strategies and suitable relevant contacts. LinkedIn was created in the year 2002 as a social network platform to bring together professionals from various and diverse fields.

The majority of the business workforce has taken to LinkedIn to expand their business because, in a highly globalized world, work is becoming technology oriented at a much greater pace.

Though LinkedIn has over 400 million members, there is the considerable number of people out there who have not been able to grasp the benefit and real potential of this platform yet. Hence the professionals by maintaining their updated job details and professionally appealing profiles active, are able to connect with the correct people with similar interest areas.

In order to build the targeted business relationships as well as contacts and connect with the targeted audience, LinkedIn is the ideal platform.

Below are some of the key uses of LinkedIn and the benefits one can achieve by advertising on a platform as diverse and as useful as this:

1. The first step towards reaching the target audience is made easier through B2B Networking

B2B Marketing refers to business to business marketing. The chances of finding the compatible match are greatest on LinkedIn if one is focused enough about the kind of vendor, target audience and contacts one wants to reach out towards. LinkedIn provides its users with 400 million choices to choose from, hence the probability of finding someone with similar needs and interests becomes more likely.

Linkedln’s direct sponsored content is a method of running similar advertisements for multiple audiences. Such a feature allows the businessmen and marketers to compare content and also optimize campaigns.

2. Direct Sponsored Content and it’s advantage on Linkedln

A LinkedIn campaign can be formulated by this directly sponsored content strategy which can be useful to characterize one’s own target audience. Job titles are a great way to target a set of an audience through a campaign on Linkedln. Sponsored Content is a way to promote company update on a user’s feed. Content can be navigated through videos, images and also articles.

The way to generate leads is by having people click on one’s advertisements. Post engagement is done through this method which helps in generating the required audience for the respective companies.

3. Tracking Demographic details through LinkedIn is a sure way to enhance companies

LinkedIn as a platform also provides advertisement solutions which can be used to tap into a user’s high-quality data. On LinkedIn, users give details regarding their companies, roles, profession and other functions which can, in turn, be made available through this social network platform to respective companies. This data collected from a variety of channels can be used to identify the required people which might be useful for the company concerned.

These people on LinkedIn can be identified not only through their place of residence but also the kind of past experiences they have had can be tracked down. This enables the other professionals on LinkedIn to connect with the right minds. The skillset, company size, experience, industry, and function of the job can be used to link with the people necessary and required.

LinkedIn also enables one to choose the audience one wants to demonstrate the advertisement too. On the basis of the job title, company, industry etc. the profiles and ads are showcased to people who are most likely to click the ad.

4. Development of the ad on LinkedIn while showcasing to the target audience itself

The advertisements that are run by companies and professionals on LinkedIn can be changed and amended on the basis of performance on this platform. The advantage of optimizing the campaigns on LinkedIn while the audiences are viewing it is an immensely beneficial feature of LinkedIn.

Linkedln’s new accelerator tool also helps in this aspect by nurturing ads to the right audience. If the characterization of the target audience is fixed, then correct post engagement can be navigated through the sponsored content.

All formats are allowed on this platform for promotion purposes. When the creation of an ad copy is initiated the only motive is to increase curiosity in the minds of viewers which shall enable them to come to visit the company’s homepage. This will help in creating a balance between the sales pitching and content engagement.

Cost Benefits on LinkedIn is reasonable if the amount of benefits that are being considered. An ad on Linked-In can cost as low as 2 dollars or even reach as high as 5 dollars per click. New ads also get a better boost on the platform.

Hence Linked-In can be considered as a premium site for social media marketing that helps to connect the right audiences. LinkedIn might look complex towards the beginning but it is the ideal platform to help reach the targeted minds!