How to Advertise and Use Instagram for Your Business

In a world where everyone is hooked to their phones all the time, social media has gained prime importance. With social media being such a rage, it has gained a whole new meaning to businesses and their marketing. All big businesses have specific marketing teams, just for social media management and many businesses even exist just as one social media page or account. While it has given everyone the chance to become an entrepreneur from home, there are several underlying details one needs to follow while operating a business over social media. One of the major platforms amongst the various social media platforms is Instagram. With its photos-only approach, visual appeal and creativity have undergone a revolution. Businesses and marketing can grow significantly if Instagram is used well and this article aims to help you get a grasp on how to use effectively Instagram for your business and marketing.

Instagram ads

Advertising on a platform which has a huge number of users is always beneficial for a business. Here are some pointers about Instagram advertising and Instagram ads that you must know:
•There are three kinds of Instagram ads. These are:
a)Photo ads that essentially allows you to advertise using visually pleasing images.
b)Video ads that allow you to upload 30-second videos which tell your brand’s story or about the services offered.
c)Carousel ads that essentially lets you advertise with more than one image and also allows you to keep a link embedded that works as a call to action button. This draws readers to your website.

•You can avail ads for different purposes. These can range from the marketing of a particular service or product, getting more clicks on your website to creating mass scale awareness about your brand as well.

•To create Instagram ads, there are some simple steps to be followed. These are:
a)Connect the Instagram account of your brand to the Facebook page.
b)Figure out which ad type you will opt for.
c)Use the Facebook ad options to find the right demographics and to cater to the right audience.
d)Content is king and if you have intriguing and compelling visuals, your ad is sure to generate interested customers.
e)A call to action button is important so that viewers know what to do after seeing the ad.
f)To advertise on Instagram, it is necessary to also understand the use of hashtags well and include them in the post.

To gain more followers, it is important to gauge the importance of relevant hashtags. Since hashtag searches are allowed on Instagram, hashtags help you reach a wider audience. Monitor the hashtags that are most relevant and most used related to the product you’re marketing.

Follow and comment
When you find individuals interested in the same kind of stuff, follow them and leave a comment if you like any post of theirs. When you follow another brand selling the same products, if you follow them, Instagram will give you suggestions of other accounts you can follow.

Giveaways and contests
A very popular method of marketing, this is best when done in collaboration with another user or brand that already has a follower base relevant to your products or services. The giveaway rules can include the need to regard the image, tag friends as well as follow both accounts hosting the giveaway. If you need clicks on your website, you can include a link in bio for that too which users need to follow to complete the rules of the giveaway. Digital Floats, a premier institute that provides training in digital marketing in Hyderabad, can help in providing the right kind of guidance required to learn PPC (pay per click). This is essential to understand the monetary aspect of marketing and get the best benefits by spending the least amount of money.

Marketing tactics can already get you half the distance but a lot of the support for your brand will depend on the quality of the services. Posting regularly on Instagram and not overselling the products are also key points to remember while marketing your business on Instagram. New and innovative campaigns always catch the eyes of the reader so feel free to implement any crazy idea that you might have. You can also promote Instagram through other channels, like your Facebook page or by a small standee at your workplace asking people to follow the account. Marketing will not yield results overnight and perseverance is the only solution here. Instagram is only growing and with the introduction of new exciting features often, it will continue to expand its user base and marketing for Instagram is something all businesses should try out.