Social Media Marketing Strategy For Startups

Social media marketing strategy for startups need customers to make money, and they need money to get customers. To let customers know that your startup exists it needs marketing. Marketing needs money and without a great marketing, no one will recommend it to their friends. Without customers or generous investors, there won’t be any money for a splashy marketing campaign. Social media marketing campaigns are costly, but they are effective.
Nowadays, business leaders are considering social media marketing as one of the most important tools to grow and create a wide customer base. Social media is now a very influential marketing tool nowadays. It has been reported that ninety percent of marketers are agreed that SMM is important to their businesses, while eighty-nine percent of marketers indicated that other SMM initiatives have generated increased exposure for their companies.


  • SMM increases exposures and traffic
  • SMM develops loyal customers
  • SMM improves search ranking and generates leads
  • SMM establishes thought leadership
  • SMM increases in sales

Nowadays many businesses are adopting social media marketing. Just to make a debut on all social networking sites is not enough one should know the right way of doing it. Businesses are making fatal SMM mistakes. In the process of social media marketing, one should choose the right SMM network, then develop a strategy.
If one business is getting huge success through Facebook, doesn’t mean the other businesses will also get the same success through it as well. One should focus on Facebook if its potential customers are on Facebook. Someone looking for the professional customer base may opt for LinkedIn. In short, the best social media platform for any business is where it can find a potential customer.


Creating Strong Social Profiles and Pages
Strong profiles and pages on your social accounts will grow your audience base. This requires including branded cover photos and profile photos. One more important thing to be taken into consideration is to fill out all the necessary details for your social profiles and pages as you can. One should start sharing updates before building an audience base. This will give people who visit your social accounts a reason to follow you.

Share Quality Content

The best way to build a strong and vast audience base is through sharing content. One should always keep on sharing its targeted audience will enjoy.

Use Friend-Finding Features

Every social media network website and platform is having its own way to connect with the people you know. Twitter allows you to search email contacts, Facebook allows an advanced people search to find new contacts. One can search on LinkedIn email contacts, former and current colleagues and classmates. Instagram allows you to search Facebook friends on Instagram in its app.

Social Media Links on your website

Not only for startups but also for established organizations it is very important to add social network icons to the website. These icons can be adjusted in website’s header, footer, and sidebar. This will allow a visitor on your website to reach your social network profiles by clicking on icons.

Email Signatures

Adding links to your social networking accounts with email signatures will also help to increase audience. This will allow peoples to know about your startups when receiving an email from you. One can use WiseStamp services to create professional signatures with your social links.

Open your profile up to Facebook followers

Facebook provides a facility to follow others and allows others also an opportunity to follow you. This will enable an organization to grow its audience base and promote its business to its targeted audience.

Using hashtags on Twitter

While sharing photos and videos one should be sure to use hashtags in its captions. With the help of Hashtags, Instagram users can find visual content on specific topics. This will allow users to click a button next to your name to follow you.

Linkedin Group’s Participation

LinkedIn members can engage with other LinkedIn groups and take part in discussions. Providing comments and answers in discussions will allow you to connect with more people.

LinkedIn’s Blog Posts Commenting

LinkedIn blogs are also a good place to get visibility. Members writing blogs are having thousands of followers. One should try to find out related blogs and follow them. Regular commenting on the posts will enable you to reach your targeted audience.