Latest Digital Marketing Trends 2018 and Strategies

Organizations are working hard on marketing strategies and are focusing on latest digital marketing trends 2018 to grab customers’ attention. People involved in making promotion and advertising strategies are concentrating more on Internet marketing. The reason for this sudden increase in demand for advanced digital marketing is failure of traditional marketing. It is quick, low-priced and can cover larger audience with wider reach.

With respect to 2018, advanced marketing skills will be acquired by marketers by 2018-end, based on the dramatic structural change of advertising marketing that will occur in the 2020s.

By 2020 the big organizations will respond more to visual search such as voice and gaze and increase sales of digital commerce by 30%. More than 50% of enterprises will focus on developing AI chat bots over conventional mobile application development.  IoT will be used for 95% of new products.

Landscape to Portrait

Now a day’s vertical motion videos are trending in mobile video advertisement.  For a very long time in video advertisement landscape was the mainstream for a long time. With change portrait videos are becoming more popular in mobile video advertisements. The reason is easy, because users do not have to switch Smartphone’s when watching videos. Many social media websites are increasing in number of companies that deliver video advertisements in portrait rather than landscape. Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) reported that mobile video is growing most rapidly among consumers and reports that vertical viewing becomes common in mobile due to consumer preference change.

Interactive content and consumer participation

Digital marketing trends 2018 has created opportunities for consumers to communicate directly with your brand. Quizzes, calling posts using hash tags (#) on social media, interactive info graphics are examples of consumer participation. Other features like interactive features can also be incorporated into content such as tips, advice, interesting industry data, etc. Brands and products expressing the merits of consumers in a creative way and developing them on social media, can maximize their effect. If content is attractive to consumers, they will spread their content on social media.

Brand Awareness

In 2018 brand awareness is rising and is important thing to be taken into consideration. Digital marketers will adopt Latest Digital Marketing Trends 2018 to make their brands more visible in customer’s sights. 20% of marketers consider brand awareness as most critical things to be measured.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a new like a new revolution in latest digital marketing trends 2018. AI is making life easier for digital marketers and is enabling them to use latest tools and technique with minimum manual effort. If you think that advanced technologies like AI and machine learning do not reach the hands of small and medium companies yet, this year may be a surprise year. Although Google Attribution of Data Analytics and Measurement Tools are still in beta, everyone can try marketing using AI, using BotBot and other services. Understanding human behavior after collection, segmentation and filtration of data is possible with Machine learning and AI

 Location targeting

The latest digital marketing trends 2018 includes ability to display mobile advertisements to consumers based on specific store, near place of residence, access information to event venues etc. may change the way of marketing and advertising. In some social media, by linking customer’s location with demographic and behavioral information, more accurate targeting is possible and paying ads based on whether consumers visit the store directly or not can also do.

Content Marketing

Blogs which are popular share industry expertise and provide useful and interesting information for customers. Readers often make decision on buying product and services by reading some industry experts blogs. So we can say blogs, article etc will play important role in grabbing customers’ attention.

Other Important Internet & SMM Trends 2018

  • Increase Video Consumption
  • Instragram Stories
  • Live Shoots, Live Campaigns and Live Sessions
  • Creative Contents and Posts
  • Facebook Ads Brand Funnel
  • Low Influencer Marketing
  • Voice Search and Optimization
  • Local Language and Advertisement
  • Concentration on Younger Generation

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a successor of traditional marketing and usually aims with similar target. Due to wider scope and reach digital marketing has become marketers’ first choice. Digital marketing is to promote, generate lead, campaigning, branding etc of products and services by the use of digital platform. The main aim of digital marketing is to make a digital brand and includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Google Adwords, Pay Per Click (PPC) , Affiliate Marketing , Google Adsense, E-Mail Marketing, Google Analytics, Mobile Marketing etc.