Best Ways to Increase Website Traffic in 2018

Website traffic is very important for any business and there is the number of ways to increase it, but unfortunately, many of them are not economic. Start-ups with less capital and not enough budgets for running the campaign can face problems while dealing with these problems. There are many free ways to increase website traffic.


This way of increasing traffic is lengthy and timing taking, but in long run, it can work out well. Posting links to a website on bulletin boards, blogs, social media, competitor and other sites can also assist increase traffic.

Submitting Article

Many websites plug themselves to article posting sites and increase website traffic for free. This works by writing an article on a topic that’s pertinent to the website in question and then referring to the site at the bottom or within the body of the article. As long as the content is well written, this is a great way to increase website traffic for free.

Posting on Blogs

Blogs are a handy way to post readable and engaging content on your site. Blogs are popular and easy to acquire readers, so you can expect to see an increase in subscriptions to e-mail magazines. It also leads to an increase in site traffic because the search engine drives articles. You can attract new visitors to the site by offering high-quality content that proposes your business expertise from a unique point of view.

RSS feeds

Rich Site Summary (RSS Feed) is one of the most efficient sources of increasing website traffic. Web content changes regularly and RSS Feed allows users to access updates to this content. One can subscribe to this feeds by installing RSS Software on his/her electronic device.

Link trading

This is also the best way to increase website traffic for free by trading links with other sites, similar or not. By proving simple link or website address to the potential viewer can also drive a huge traffic to your website.

Free Software

One can also opt for free available online for increasing traffic. By using such software business can get free traffic or can buy traffic for a very low price.

Long tail keywords 

Keywords play an important role while driving traffic to your website. People choose the most popular keywords in the market. But one should always choose keyword related to their product and services, and nature of businesses. One should go for long tail keywords as this will allow Google and other search engine bots to find your article and give a ranking.

Internal Links

Internal links are links between same domain pages. This method will keep your visitors to stay for long on your website and improve your search rankings. This is linking is a type of hyperlink on a webpage to another page, such as an image or document, on the same website or domain.

Increase Website Traffic Through Social Media

Social media marketing and its right optimization will play an important role in increasing traffic at your website. All of these activities help to get your name out and website address out on the internet. Involving in this activities will show your name and presence to the user listed on these social networking websites. One should build an effective presence on social media network like Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc.


  • Try to share as many as posts with related groups
  • CTA – Call To Action in posts and websites
  • Social media optimization
  • Website URL should be visible
  • Refer people to your website
  • Commenting on posts

Responsive Site

Days are gone when people are using only desktops for browsing and doing other internet related activities. Recently published reports suggested that now people are more browsing on mobile and tablets. Businesses should always ensure that their company website is user-friendly and easily accessible on every device, including smaller smartphones.

Email Marketing

Traditional ways of marketing are out-dated but they are not gone and can be used in very effective ways. Nowadays business is using content marketing and other methods to attract customers but they have forgotten to implement traditional methods. Email marketing is a powerful way and a successful email campaign can uplift your traffic significantly. Email reminder about your existing product and services and new launch can help organizations to boost their traffic.