Techniques Other than SEO to Drive Traffic to Your Website

how to drive traffic to your website 2018?

Increasing traffic to your site is key to increasing conversion rates and increasing revenue. However, it seems that every company in 2018 is doing its best to increase website traffic in search engine optimization (SEO).

Internet is growing and companies are still competing for the same keyword rankings first, ranking the possibilities and driving enough traffic to reduce. Therefore, exploring other ways to increase traffic to your site is most beneficial to your brand.

Before you implement new website traffic marketing campaigns, one should first evaluate their current traffic and analytics. Tools like Google Analytics and SEMRush can be used to study the traffic metrics. While search engine optimization (SEO) is effective, and all businesses with online businesses should invest in it, SEO is not the ultimate in improving professional website traffic.

Proper Use of E-Mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is a powerful tool to promote audience engagement to content. It is also effective in nurturing (fostering) leads to the database during the purchasing process. E-Mail Marketing gives high return on investment and as compared to other marketing measures; it is an easy-to-handle expense sense. The best information can be delivered to each registered member. Email marketing campaign are not costly and one can opt it according to the size of its business. One can easily introduce e-mail marketing not only for large companies but also for small businesses and private stores. E-mail marketing still continues to demonstrate its effect. However, it is certainly becoming difficult to utilize well.

Concentrate on Guest Blogging

A guest blog means contributing articles to sites and blogs other than your own site. The site requesting a guest blog has the merit of enriching the contents of the site by having contributors to bloggers who are likely to provide high quality articles and inviting existing readers of guest bloggers to their site. Guest bloggers can improve the search rank by embedding links to their site etc. in contributed articles. Guest blogs are often used for SEO purposes because they are effective for link building (acquiring linked links).

Advertising Online

Nowadays search results are of two types organic and paid. Traffic you are getting for free is coming through organic part. Organic can provide you limited traffic but can’t beat paid advertising. Retargeted reported that only 2% of websites convert on the first visit. Advertising online can win new customers. Rather than expecting free traffic one should instead, look to unique promotional tactics such as remarketing and retargeting.

Investing in Social Media

Social media platforms are become the center of communication activities alongside its own media and advertising media. Many companies use multiple social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LINE, YouTube and so on. The feature of social media is this “getting a reputation” place. If a company distributes goods and brand information well, it will be possible to expand the word of mouth on social media without using advertising media such as television commercials, and get results such as increased cognition and increased sales. Sprout Social reported that social media directly influences 74% of consumers’ buying decisions.

Integration of Video Content

Video is a not much used concept in content. One can give strength to its strategy by adding different types of videos. You can use short social media clips, advertisements, informational and brand videos. There three types of video advertisement – In-stream video ad, In-banner video advertisement and In lead video advertisement. According to recent statistics, 43% of consumers want to see more of the brand’s video content, and 51.9% marketing experts also believe video content has the highest investment effect.