Link Building Strategy for Driving Traffic and Extending Reach

Link Building

Link building is an effective way to drive traffic to your website and get it ranked among the top brands in your industry. Better ranking means you are visible to your targeted audience and can expect better traffic. Improved ranking on search engines is a very important factor for websites. Links plays a vital role in search engine optimization and should always be a part of growth strategy. Back links gives a major exposure to your brand and website.

Link building is to receive a link from your other site on the Internet to your site. When implementing SEO, receiving a lot of links from other sites is one of the effective means for obtaining evaluations from search engines, so how to obtain linked links is a challenge. Currently, procurement of artificial and artificial links is extremely risky and the risk of receiving penalties is high. As a result, it is important for SEO to acquire links in a natural way by creating and distributing highly valuable content to users.

Not all links are equal some are good and increase your traffic, while other bad or spamy links can actually reduce the traffic. Three quality links from authority sites will have more weightage than ten ordinary links from generic sites. This is why anchor text and external link to a particular web page is part of Google’s ranking algorithm.

Types of Link Building

  • Link that generates traffic
  • Links elevating search engine results pages (SERP)
  • Links booting page rank
  • Links building reputation
  • Backlinks of backlinks

Steps for Effective Link Building Strategy

Understand Your Audience

When you talk about website traffic it means audience. To grow in market one need relevant traffic and this relevancy means your targeted audience. Before planning activities for growing and building new audiences one should understand its audience. For example if you are selling wooden furniture you should not people who are interested in plastic furniture. Knowing your targeted audience is a doorway to construct a winning strategy.

Competitive Analysis

No one is alone in market there always be many competitors and competition available. One should always keep an eye on its competitors and identify websites to know what they are planning to drive traffic. This would help you reach your intended target audience.

High Quality Content

Internet is full of content and if you want websites to link with you; your content has to be fresh and unique. Your content should always be unique and appealing to your readers and buyers. It should always be well written and structured. Content is an important part of every strategy related with digital marketing.

Using Social Media

One can also share content on social media platforms and start link building. If your content is appealing, fresh and unique it can drive a lot of traffic from social media websites.  These platforms are very useful way of getting much needed exposure.

Link Content to Websites

After creating a blog post you should make list of sites that match best with your article. Making an effort to link your post to the website increases a chance of them linking back to your site which can potentially increase more traffic. One can expect increase in traffic by linking its post to the website and may get linking back from that websites.

Reach Out

Once you have finalized the content and ready with websites related to your article, you should approach the website you would like to link to your site. One should explain them about the content and ask them to link it.

Benefits of Link Building

  • Increases visibility of your blogs and websites
  • Traffic from other websites linked to you
  • High quality incoming links will increase your domain authority
  • Quick indexing in search results