Optimize Google My Business To Improve Local Ranking on Google

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free service that can display business hours, maps, photos, etc. on search result pages and Google Maps. In small stores, there are many places where it is hard to afford to focus on the website for reasons such as manual work. Google My Business is useful in such cases.

Registering Google My Business listings will increase the possibility of displaying to ‘Local Pack’, ‘Google Maps’, ‘Search Ranking’ etc. It is one of the most important steps in web local SEO strategy to register local business listings with Google My Business. The operation of Google My Business is roughly divided into three. Utilization of information update and posting function, word of mouth management.

Currently, Google is a tool that is used in over 60% of Internet search. In such places that many people can see, listings that appear in easy-to-understand and prominent display are opportunities to appeal to shops and companies.

The cost of running Google My Business, such as owner confirmation and information editing, is actually zero. No matter how much you add photos, no matter how much you reply to the reviews, there is no charge for using it.

Ways to Optimize Google My Business Listing

Local search is a mechanism that reflects user’s location information in search results. A map may appear on Google’s search results, but the function to display this map part is local search. Local search results are based on information registered in Google My Business. As a result, it will not appear unless you are registered with Google My Business. Because you can use it for free, if you have not registered yet, please register.

Cover Photo – One should add cover photo first to optimize Google My Business listings. Adding a cover photo makes it easier to display on the Knowledge Panel and Google Maps preferentially. There is no guarantee that it will always be given priority, but there is an effect that you can tell the will to prioritize Google.

Accurate Information – One should make sure that information is latest, complete and correct. To begin listing with Google My Business you should provide name, address, and phone number. The data you provide will be the base of your local SEO and the information provided will be crawled and indexed by Google Search, Maps and Google+.

Avoid Errors – In the listing, there are several ways in which errors tend to be made.

Most common errors are as follows

  1. Invalid Address – One should avoid creating a listing with an invalid address. The invalid address is an address without a real store or service.
  2. Same Phone Numbers with Multiple Businesses – Sharing a phone number is when you are using the same phone number although you are operating as a different store.
  3. Keyword Stuffing – One should always be focused on keywords, but it is a mistake to put keywords irrelevant to the name of the listing.

Reviews – With Google My Business, users have the ability to write a word of mouth!. There are good evaluations, bad evaluations are sometimes written. Review collection gathers attention only in terms of increasing conversion rate and trust from users, but it is also effective for site SEO.

Use ‘Google My Business Messages’ – It has been found that businesses receive messages more often than a phone call. The inclusion of mobile messaging strategy can increase customer engagement.

Unrelated Content – The contents stated in Google My Business must be suitable for the place. One can delete posts unrelated to your store or service. The content for Google or its products and services restricted by that region is also subject to regulation. Contents that disregard copyrights, images reminiscent of crime or dangerous behavior are prohibited.