Top SEO Types and Techniques

In today’s world where the internet connects us all, young minds with innumerable ideas venture into start-ups and hence social media has a huge role to play in the process of digital marketing. SEO, which stands for “search engine optimization,” refers to the process of getting traffic from the free, natural, editorial, or search results on various search engines. There are a number of techniques of SEO which are adopted by digital marketers to mark their presence in the virtual world.

The different types of SEO techniques can be majorly classified into two types, namely On-page and Off-page SEO techniques.

Types of On page SEO Optimization

This refers to the process of optimizing a page in such a way so that it appears higher in the search results of a search engine. Basically, it means the activities that are processed on the webpage and is supposed to be published. This comprises of including keywords, Meta tags, Meta description, internal links, building a customized URL structure, inserting alt attributes, looking after the image SEO and primarily imparting the users with good quality of content.
This broad classification can be further classified into various types, as follows:
• Backlinking
• Meta tags, meta description, alt attributes
• Prioritizing and including keywords in order
• Image SEO
• Internal Linking
• SEO Yoast for WordPress
• URL Structure
• H-tags

Types of Off page SEO Optimization

This refers to all the procedures that are carried out on the page after it goes live on the web. This includes liking, commenting, sharing a post on different social media platforms, answering questions of the target customers, reviewing the post, giving the post start ratings, are the activities listed under the techniques of Off-page SEO.
This broad classification can be further classified into various types, as follows:
• Liking/ Start rating
• Commenting
• Sharing
• Look out for what the target audience wants
• Answering questions/ queries
• Developing a personal tie with the user


To enhance SEO one must know of the essential types of SEO tools which will enable an individual to find the best opportunities, keep a record and save time to boost the SEO. The 6 most important ones being:

• Content ideas
• Keyword analysis
• Rankings
• Technical SEO
• Link building
• Link removing




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The types of SEO techniques that can be employed can also be classified into these following categories:

White hat SEO:

As the name suggests, this refers to the most obvious ways and practices taken up by the digital marketers to obtain higher rankings in the search engine result page and strictly abide by the rules and guidelines given by Google for SEO. Hence the practices listed under this technique might be slow in giving results, but the driven results are way more lasting in their approach.


Blackhat SEO:

This too, as the name suggests deals with practices that aim at finding all the loopholes and illegitimate practices to rank higher on the search engine results that do not follow the rules and guidelines set up by Google. Though, neither does the traffic generated via this kind of practice last long nor are the positions maintained by the rankings on the search engine results on the page. Hence, one can easily say that the rankings attained through the Blackhat SEO techniques are extremely short-lived.

Grey hat SEO:

Now, apart from these two stark categories present in the industry, there exists a third type which is a convenient mix of both categories. This category came into existence due to the pressure from the clients to attain higher results in digital marketing and SEO.


SEO is thus a fundamental aspect of any digital marketing that is a primary element with a holistic approach to steering one’s business via social media platforms. In other words, this is a modern marketing technique. An SEO service provider resorts to the practice of SEO to enhance the number of users/visitors to a website by securing higher ranks in the results of search engines.