Top 10 Mistakes in Content Marketing and How to Avoid Them

In a highly interconnected digitalized world, content marketing plays a key role in all our lives. It is a huge part of all websites. Content Marketing is not an easy job and needs prowess and practice. Content marketing makes a site flourish and can be the reason behind the success or the downfall of a company or brand. Hence, understanding content marketing and doing it properly is of key importance. This article aims at equipping you with common content marketing mistakes to avoid. If you avoid these top content marketing mistakes, half your job is done.


1. Focusing Quantity over quality

You cannot compromise on stellar quality when you are producing content. Content has to be consistent but relevant. This is one of the things to avoid marketing content. Many content marketers make the mistake of producing too much content, but all of it is repetitive and then they run out of content soon. Keep back up material, don’t repeat, don’t write obvious things, and make sure you enhance the reader’s knowledge in some way through your content. Stop, analyze your content and only then post it. However, be consistent with the work. Do not post too frequently or too less. Do your research well before posting. Write in-depth posts without them getting boring or irrelevant.


2. Not keeping your audience in mind

Keeping your target audience in mind and producing content that they will find interesting or relevant is important. This might be your answer to why your content marketing isn’t working. Every brand or company targets a specific audience. Find out about their interests and preferences and use language that they’d approve of. Do not make content that only advertises the brand or is too self-promotional. Find out what questions your audience is seeking the answers to and answer those. Make them fill short questionnaires and you’ll find many areas that would interest your target audience. Custom your content and tailor make it just for your customers. There are several tools available online that can help you out in this regard.


3. Not proofreading enough

Errors are not forgivable and the content you develop goes a long way in your branding process. Bad grammar, spelling errors and other things are instant put-offs. You can take help of various free tools available on the internet that help you make great content. From telling you when your content is too complicated or sentences are too long to grammar checks, you can find all of it online. Grammarly is one such tool that can help you write very good content. You can also invest and hire an editor as a human being will do the job much better.


4. Mixing up SEO and content marketing

A lot of content developers tend to mix up SEO and content marketing. SEO only serves the purpose of search engine rankings and have a separate set of checklists. Content marketing is not the same. Stuffing your content with too much of keywords can be counterproductive. Do your research well and find out the differences between the two. Stuffing your content with the keyword can make it uninteresting and irritating.


5. The only target is making the content viral

Virality is something you cannot and will not be able to control. If you continuously focus on making your content viral, you are likely to fail. What clicks with the audience and what doesn’t isn’t entirely on your hands. Do your job efficiently and end it at that. Do not have such things as your goal.


6. Not building a solid reader base

If you only focus on the content and not the marketing bit, you’re in trouble. You need to build a good readership that will find your writing interesting. Promotion is very important. Spending time sending links to influencers or posting it on engaging social media platforms is just as crucial as developing content itself. Using email promotions and every other kind of platform is important as otherwise, you will end up having a very unsatisfactory amount of people actually reading your work. When you have a dedicated niche audience, they will also be glad to promote your content and that will help it reach a lot more people.


7. Jumbled up content

In today’s age, the reader’s attention span is very short. So the content you write has to be structured very well. It also has to be engaging and should grasp the reader’s attention well. Proper paragraphs, headers, and other tools should be used to create well-structured content. Introduction, conclusion and proper outlined work are always better than an unorganized haphazard one. An interesting and captivating title also goes a long way in getting a reader interested. Digital Floats, a premier institute in Hyderabad provides proper guidance in digital training.

8. Not analyzing stats

Analyzing the performance of your content plays a huge role in good content marketing. Experiment and find out what works best. Write a short article then write longer in-depth articles. Write absolutely non-technical articles and then articles for very niche audiences. Check the content marketing statistics after that and see which works better. A number of clicks, social media response and engagement are criteria you should take into account when analyzing this aspect. Testing content and figuring out for you about what works best is one of the most successful ways of going about content marketing.


9. Not being creative and finding innovative additions that can boost your content

You need to think out of the box and deliver content that people haven’t already seen. You can experiment and try out anything that you can think of. Adding infographics is a great idea. Only writing makes your content very boring. Visual content is very appealing and can get your audience hooked a lot more easily. Videos are also a rage. Videos are a lot more captivating. With the perfect music and text, it can give your post a whole new dimension. Currently, users of the web are addicted to videos and thus videos can be a great value addition to your article.


10. Not giving enough importance to the website design

The website design goes a long way in deciding whether your content will work or not. The feel, text, colors, and designs are important factors which decide whether your audience will like staying on your site or not. Call to action buttons, minimalistic designs and other things must be kept in mind while designing the website. A cluttered website with too much information and no breathing space can be a disaster. Website design is actually a whole dimension that should be taken into account as it goes a long way in boosting the content you produce.

Content marketing is not an easy job. It is a crucial part of all websites. It goes a long way in determining the success of the website so it needs to be done well. The above are some common mistakes that people tend to make.

Understanding content marketing and developing content on those lines is more important than producing content aimlessly. Pick a goal or a particular audience you’re trying to reach and work accordingly. Understand the basics of SEO too and incorporate that into your content.

Ask the right questions and never assume that any good writer can be good at content marketing. With the world running on digitalization, producing good content and marketing it well is cornerstones of everything you see online.