Simple Ways to Boost the Audience Pool of your Content Marketing- Part 1

Creating something new? Why keep it hidden right? Let the world see and appreciate your creativity. But then again who’ll want to read? Isn’t that the question you’ve been asking yourself? Do not worry my friend. We have a raging phenomenon which connects people from urban to rural. The Internet is at your service.
Now for the important question, HOW? How do I make my content visible on the internet when there are already tons of stuff?
I’m here to solve that for you…
Just read and learn and you’ll make your presence known.
The first step is to do it on a personal level. Make sure your close ones read it, they include your friends, your family or group you’d like to see your work. How would you share your content with them? Here’s how:
1.Facebook.The well-known social networking site connecting billions with a few clicks. Going viral has never been easier. Ask your friends to share. When it comes to marketing, asking for favors is an important task.

2.LinkedIn– This site is filled with professionals, always hunting for something worthwhile. Only a matter of time before someone notices and admires your work.

3.Google+. This will help you get in touch with the people you connect often, your circle of people.

4.Twitter.It’s a perfect place to gather an audience that is interested to see good content and enjoy their time online. Maybe someone wishes to share it.

5.Instagram. If your content is visually strong, this is the place to be.

6.Snapchat.The way Snapchat is growing, you may get on the trending list pretty sooner than you had expected. This is one of the most rapidly growing platforms and now is the time to be indulged in it.
If you feel confident about your work, then you can also get paid help. Targeting audiences who are interested in things similar to your content are the way to boost your viewer list. Some easy strategies to earn after marketing your work are:
1.Facebook Ads– Facebook has tabs on people and their interests. The best way to reach out to people is by getting ads of your work on groups and pages which are similarly themed as your work.

2.Banner Ads on similar Content– When people go on a searching spree, they look for things one after another. If your ad is on the homepage of a similar blog, it is just a matter of time before you shall have a rush of viewers.

3.Promoted tweets- When you use this option, your ad will pop up on the newsfeed of users who are interested in content which you can provide.

4.Outbrain- This program helps your content reach far and wide to users. This is sort of a recommendation tool which suggests readers have a look see at your content. The rates are extremely affordable. So, hurry up. Make your online presence known.
Make your Content Out of the Box
Content marketing is all about how interesting your work is and how people feel when they see it. Brainstorm yourself and put catchy headlines which ought to turn a few heads. A clever metaphor or an alliteration or a large figure will obviously make your content stand out and make people give your content a second thought.