Simple Ways to Boost the Audience Pool of your Content – Part 2

A few simple gestures and actions can go a long way in helping you gather a huge reader base for your content. Check out the following guidelines:
Reach out without Shame
The feeling of shame when you ask someone to share your content poses a threat to your marketing goals. It is perfectly alright. That is what marketing is all about! It’s a user creator relationship. If they enjoy your work, they ought to show it to their friends. If one in ten does share, it’s a huge achievement. Your main concern is to reach out to people. Holding on to things like the fear or shame of asking people for a favor is a big no-no when you want to market your content. It will only stop your stock of followers.
Acknowledge Generously
Then comes your responsibility of giving everyone their proper acknowledgments. When you create something, someone might have helped you in some way, no matter how minute their contributions may have actually been. If someone gets credit in creating something, mostly they feel a bit obliged to share your work. Marketing is all about developing proper relationships and utilizing them. Give them a small courtesy and ask them politely to share. The probability of you getting a negative response reduces immensely.
Be Polite
Reach out to creators of similar content. There may be people in your contact list or just somebody who shares content similar to yours. Approach with politeness and calmly ask them for a small favor as looking at your content and if and ‘only-if’ they like it, ask them to give it a share. You have no clue how far politeness can take us in the field of marketing.
Target Mutual Help
Ask for the help from people who want to add similar content. It is a very beneficial thing you can do for yourself. They’ll get to see your work and so will their followers. It’s a win-win situation for both of you and everyone gets to increase their audience pool. Mutual help is also very important. Know that you are probably not the only one who needs help out there.
Show Gratitude
Tag people who have influenced your work on social networking sites. Especially the already famous ones. By doing so, you get their gratitude and they may be inclined to share your work.
Get a quote from one of the influential people. Getting a quote grabs the attention of the people when they will see that someone like that has something to say about your content. This will intrigue them to give your content a look.
A Journo Friend to Help
Be friends with a journalist. Yes we know, journalists aren’t out there exactly making ‘friends’. But, we still have the internet at our service, don’t we? Join HARO. It’s a forum where journalists search for things they would find interesting. Try your best to get in touch with one. When they question you and ask you about your work, be smart and try to stand out. If you put your heart into it, it is bound to work out well for you.
Communicate with Readers
Then comes the tough part. Engaging your readers. Read through the comment’s section. Reply as many as you can, replying to all of them will be the best. A simple thank out and expression of gratitude will take you a long way. Just remember this. NOT EVERONE WILL LIKE IT. It is impossible to get something out there and not get negative comments on it. Try to maintain your language and choose your words very wisely when you are talking to a hater. Keep it in your head, they are trying to disparage your work and if you lose it, it does not reflect nicely on your mentality, which people are prepared to judge more than your work. Learn to differentiate between negative comments and healthy criticism. Learn from your mistakes or recognize what your audience wishes to see from you.
You could also conduct a webinar. Chat and interact with your current audience, no matter what size it is. It is very satisfying when people appreciate you or try to gather more from your work.

Interactive content

The most effective way to become an eye-catcher is to go visual. A video, a slide show of attractive pictures, a gif etc. It is a bit of more work but I said it would be simple, not easy. Put your content with dazzling and mesmerizing visual material. It is a bang on way to get attention. Sites like Submitinfographs, Slideshare, GO Animoto etc. will be there to help you with this task.
To conclude, you are not the only one trying to promote something. Remember that there are several people who want new things on the internet. It is a give and take relationship. You give them something to enjoy, they help you spread your work. Just remember this: