Three Techniques to Top the SERPs

Connecting with Keywords & SERPs:

Keywords are strings of popular words that users use to find products, services, information or other forms of data on the internet. By popular we mean that these word strings are the most commonly used search phrases and not just any set of random words put together. What the search engine does next is to search for websites that contain these keywords. It then lists the links such websites on its result pages. So, more abundant the keywords in the content of a website, the more likely it will be listed at the top of  SERPs

Captivating Content:

However, it is important to not overdo the use of keywords when developing website content. Just because keywords and SERPs ranks are related, it does not mean that keywords must appear without rhyme or reason. Instead, keywords should gel with the general flow of the content without standing out. Let’s look at the two pieces of sample content written for C & G using the keyword “best cakes in Hyderabad”.

C & G is home to the best cakes in Hyderabad. You can customize your order and have the best cakes in Hyderabad at your home within 24 hours! We provide the best cakes in Hyderabad for all occasions. Along with the best cakes in Hyderabad, we also specialize in customized gifts for all age groups. Call or SMS us at +91 99999 99999.

If you are looking for the best cakes in Hyderabad to be delivered right at your doorstep, C& G is your answer. We provide customized cakes for all occasions with a minimum delivery time of only 24 hours. You can also choose age-specific customized gifts to go along with the cake and make the occasion complete. To relish some of the best cakes the city has to offer, call or SMS us at +91 99999 99999.

Of the two sample pieces given above, which one do you think search engines will rank better? It is the second one, of course. The first sample will be rejected as spam. Besides using healthy keywords, content should also be original and not duplicated from other websites.

Building with Backlinks:

Building backlink is another factor that search engines consider when allotting SERPs ranks to websites. Backlinks are links to your sites from other well-established and genuine sites that have been around on the internet for a while. When a search engine scans a trustworthy website and finds the link of another website on it, that linked to website’s will automatically be ranked higher than others.