How To Increase Blog Subscribers

Top 7 Tips to Increase Blog Subscribers

When you start a blog to create a fan base or to monetize your content for how to get subscribers on blogger, there are three major concerns that you need to concentrate on. Firstly, you need to focus on how to get new visitors to your blog by enhancing the way people perceive them. Secondly, you need to focus on how to turn these visitors into quality subscribers. Thirdly, you need to find ways to get those subscribed individuals to share your content to grow your fan base.

It is very important to maintain the quality of your content but it is also very important to have more and more visitors come and view your content.

New visitors come towards new content, but it is difficult maintaining that traffic. Here you will be provided with blog subscription tips which will help you gather more traffic to your blog.

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So here is a list of Content Marketing Strategies which will help you.

1. Optimization of You top Blog for more subscriptions:

There are two very important attributes that need to be your main concern if you’re maintaining a blog; Simplicity and Consistency. Even though all your different contents may be of similar quality, some will attract more visitors than the others. You need to make a quick survey of all your blogs and find out which ones are the more popular amongst your viewers. After you find it out, optimize your blog by methods like adding smart subscription CTA or adding CTA slides.


2. Add opt-in checkboxes your landing pages:

When your visitors try to avail an offer or register to some sort of page linked to your blog, add a checkbox for viewers to use to subscribe to your blog. Doing this on a landing page gets a number of people to see the box and choose if they want to subscribe or not. This attracts the interested viewers who want to be kept updated with your blogs and the offers that come along with them. This also avoids uninterested viewers and they don’t receive emails which avoid people for marking your emails as spam or junk mail.


3. Offer great deals to new subscribers:

When a new subscriber gets added to your subscriber’s list, send out offers with special discounts or extra added features along with the product details. This makes the new subscriber feel welcomed and important which is a very important factor. New Subscribers invite more new visitors to your page if they feel satisfied by the fact that your blog offers interesting offer in exchange for their effort they made to subscribe to your page.

4. Place Subscription CTAs strategically:

Place the subscription CTAs that will have the most amount of view on your blog. Subscription CTAs should pop up only for the viewers who haven’t already subscribed. These CTAs should be easy fill-out forms. An email Registration is the easiest way to save the viewer’s time. Just collect the Viewer’s email address and everything else can be collected from there.

5. Remove distractions and place CTA where people are paying the most attention:

Having too many distractions confuses the viewers on how to deal with them. What your focus as a blog owner should be how they perceive your CTAs. Smart Content marketing strategies demand other elements of your blog to be less attractive than the CTA or button which will redirect your viewers to a registration panel. Once a user is registered, provide interesting offers to keep them interested.

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6. Create attractive Inviting emails:

Maximum subscriptions will be done through emails. How to get email subscribers for your blog, this you will need an eye-catching email which, when people view, will intrigue them to subscribe and visit your blog more often. Hire an expert freelancer to do this work and see observe your results.


7. Always be nice and polite:

People may not react to your content in the way you always expect them to. Some may leave nice and some may leave hateful comments on your blog. Always keep your patience and ask for points to improve on from the people who did not react the way you wanted them to. Show your gratitude to the people who did like your blog. Interact with your viewers to let them know you care about their priorities.



Getting a blog up and running is an easy task by getting people to see them and also monetizing them properly is a huge task. Follow these blog subscription tips and you’ll slowly understand the basics of how to run a blog efficiently.