Importance of Keyword Density and How to Choose Perfect Focus Keyword

Keyword Density shows how much the same keyword appears in one web page. The number of occurrences of the same keyword in one Web page is called keyword frequency, and the number divided by the number of words in the page is the keyword density.

In general, the one with higher keyword frequency is thought to be effective for SEO, but the page with high keyword density on the search engine side is said to be evaluated as low keyword stuffing page, and the opposite effect to SEO. In addition, among SEO specialists, the keyword frequency does not affect the ranking of the search and there are many who think that there is a high possibility of being a penalty on the search engine side depending on the keyword density.

If you create a page about one theme, you are often in the top five keywords ratio without doing anything. In SEO, it is not enough to write keywords unnecessarily. It is because it is impossible to arrange keywords at abnormal densities if you are making ordinary pages. To be evaluated as a search engine and continue to hit the search over the medium to long-term, 2500 characters per content is required. In addition, in order to raise the evaluation of the entire site, it is also recommended to set the internal link of the appropriate anchor text.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a WordPress plug-in for managing SEO countermeasure settings. It is an ultra-sophisticated plug-in that can be used for free, such as setting of title tags and meta tags, setting of SNS accounts, OGP settings, an output of Sitemap and breadcrumbs list. Yoast SEO recommends keyword density between 0.5% to 2.5%.

Usage and Attention

  • Excessive repetition of keywords increases the possibility of receiving a penalty
  • One should avoid using unexpected keywords very often
  • The absence of keywords may reduce the probability of hitting the search
  • Identifying keywords on conflict page
  • Over usage of keywords should be avoided
  • Keywords should be Bold and italicize
  • Keywords variations
  • Should use LSI keywords

What is Keyword Density in SEO?

Keyword density is the percentage of the number of times a keyword appears on a web page divided by the total number of words in that page.

If the article of a hundred words you are using ten times, your density will be 10%.

The Formula for calculated keyword density:

  • (Number of keywords / Total number of words) * 100

Nowadays many keyword density calculators are available and there are no rules regarding the use of keywords but Google suggests placing keywords in natural places. One can use keywords in slides, video etc. to make an article more attractive and presentable. Keyword stuffing should be avoided as it may lead to getting penalties.

Where to Place Keywords

  • In the permalink
  • H1 tag
  • H2 tag
  • Meta title tag
  • Start of the article
  • End of the article

Updating and adding quality content in blogs and website is part of a good SEO strategy. This will enable Google bots or spiders to see that your website is active because new information is added. Proper use of keyword and a good density of it will give more weight to your blog and website. It will also be shown to the users more frequently.

How to Choose Perfect Focus Keyword

Focus keyword is a keyword for ranking your page. It is a keyword for your page to hit when searching with that keyword. When setting Focus keyword in the input field, the plug-in evaluates the content of the page and suggests feedback for improving the page of the keyword. It can also be explained as a function that evaluates and feeds back whether the plug-in is content according to keyword setting.

  • By utilizing Yoast SEO’s focus keyword, one can expect to rank up in search results.
  • Yoast SEO has provided an input field for this option.

The plug-in assesses the page’s content and provides feedback on how to improve the content for that focus keyword.