Digital Marketing Courses After MBA Enhances Your Career

It’s a must for MBA graduates nowadays to have Digital Marketing in their arsenal. Since everything is going on the internet. Digital Marketing is the most job oriented course there is after an MBA.
According to the survey conducted by the Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry of India, only 10% of MBA graduates in India are employable.According to India Today Survey, the main reason for such poor conditions is the difference between the required skills of the industry and the outdated courses by the academies. Most of these graduates have the theoretical knowledge of the how’s and why’s, but have little ability to apply that knowledge in practical.

Going to an MBA institute and paying up to 3-12 lakhs to get a degree is a trend among students. A very few have the capacity to actually pull off their jobs in the real world. Creating strategies and being proficient enough to get them up and running is the rarest of skills.
The recently updated curriculum has added Digital marketing but it is only of a touch and through kind of nature.
Therefore it is essential to opt for a course on digital marketing after your MBA.
Digital Floats Training Institute have listed the benefits you would enjoy from this course at Hyderabad :

1)Digital marketing Course is an easy course. Very little technical knowledge is required and internet savvy people can easily understand the course and excel at it.

2)Digital marketing is like a mini MBA. In the last couple of years, the industry has gone through severe change and mostly everything is on the internet. The change in the syllabus and the changes in the industry is not at par. Here lies the main reason why MBA is not just enough. At some point, Digital Marketing will become the face of marketing.

3)Digital Marketing gives you the freedom to choose your career as a freelancer or an entrepreneur. If you are PC savvy or a web geek, you could start your own online company or you could act as a consultant by making your online presence known. You could start a blog and enjoy profits from advertisements. It easy to look for help on the internet as well. You can easily start promoting.

4)There are well-paid positions in companies that will easily employ you once you have gathered enough knowledge on Digital Marketing. The requirement for Digital Marketers is high and the gap can be filled by this course after your MBA. Almost every business, like Housing, Travel, Hospitality, Export-Import etc. which were done manually are now on the internet. Thus, promotion and marketing on the internet is very in demand profession.

5)For traditional marketing methods, the requirement is high but demand is low. You have to create a strong portfolio and get good internships. For Digital marketers, the course is easier and demand is higher. Have Digital marketing is a good reflection of CV. Nowadays every business needs people who are proficient in digital marketing. Therefore, Digital marketing is the best course after an MBA as it is the most job oriented.

6)Digital Marketing provides a variety of working opportunities. According to research, more than 2lakh employees in the field of digital marketing will be hired by the end of 2017. An average starting salary package of a Digital Marketer is 4.5-5.5lakhs per year. There is also the option to start your own business.

7)Every business has its goals and expectations. The increment in customers and profit maximization with least investment. Conventional and outdated marketing skill will not suffice in these modern and cutthroat times. Being present online is a huge deal. Mostly everyone looks on the internet to have their needs fulfilled. In a situation like this, staying ahead of the game is the most crucial factor. Thus, good digital marketers are in high requirement. Making the best ads and the best deals which attract customers on via the World Wide Web is a new field with limitless potential. It makes sense to take up a field which is an absolute necessity in the industry.

8)Unlike the conventional methods, digital marketing is very cost effective. Only learning the subject, you can venture into a profession as opportunities are very high. This field can be done with clever ideas and attractive representations. Not every project based on this requires a high budget. All they do require is a person to brainstorm clever ideas and be consistent about it. Digital marketing is a very lucrative field. They are under absolute control and they can be presents and removed from the vision of the masses at your wish. This a very important advantage of digital marketing over traditional marketing methods.

9)Digital marketing is the future. The sheer amount of convenience it provides to the customers attracts more and more every second. Thus, people are ready to keep these digital markets alive for the foreseeable future. This makes the digital marketers ready for the future. Every business will one day go online and almost every marketer will be a digital marketer. Maybe one-day Digital Marketing will simply become marketing.

10)Certificates on Digital Marketing is easy to acquire as well. Even though is a skill, a certificate makes it official. And the value of everything official is very high. It is a proof of your abilities. Online certification exams are conducted by google and many other sites. These will guarantee a good place expose your talents to the people who need it.

Ways to get yourself a Mini MBA Degree in Digital Marketing Course:
1Look for courses on topics such as digital marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, SEO, Search Marketing, analytics, Google AdWords etc.
2. You can also take up free courses which are available very easily.
3. Look for guides on websites such as Hub spot.
4. Look for videos on YouTube channels.
5. Use google help center to learn more about Digital Marketing.

Available Courses after an MBA:
1.Government Certification Skills
This certification is provided in coordination with the Government of India. After taking this training, you are eligible for and exam which will result in a certificate by the government.
2.Google certifications:
Google provided various courses on digital marketing such as AdWords Fundamentals, Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Video Advertising, Shopping Advertising, and Google Analytics Individual Qualification. All of these exams are conducted by google for free. You can train yourself and appear for these exams.
3.Hubspot Inbound Marketing strategies:
Hub spot offers Inbound Marketing certifications which cover different skill requirements by the industry.

Digital Floats Training Institute Hyderabad offers some great courses in digital marketing after MBA:
•Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
•Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
•Social Media Marketing (SMM)
•Inbound Marketing
•Affiliate Marketing
•Web Analytics
•Email Marketing
•Website Development using WordPress
•Mobile App Marketing
•Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
•Blogging for Beginners
•Display Advertisement
•Advanced Google Analytics
•Video Advertising
•Shopping Advertising, etc.

With the current situation of the market, it’s the time to put yourself ahead of the game by acquiring the skills required by the industry instead of getting a degree and being just another brick in the wall.