How to Improve Mobile Marketing Strategy to Drive Traffic

Mobile Marketing Strategy – Mobile phones have greatly advanced since the time they were used as a means of communicating with friends and family members and as a means of deciding a meeting place, comprehensive use to send and receive messages, send and receive mails, Web browsing, time management, etc. It became a useful tool. Mobile devices are the main entrance leading to the digital world and it depends on the marketer whether you can understand how to attract buyers’ attention ahead of competitors.

According to the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), mobile marketing means ‘an organization can communicate with an audience and acquire and maintain engagement in an interactive and relevant manner through a mobile device’. Marketing Automation (MA) products can cover the acquisition and maintenance of engagement in the area where Web and mail are integrated.

Following last year in 2018, the mobile market continues to expand. Now even on a worldwide scale, one in two people has cell phones. According to the survey conducted by Ctiteo, sale in 1Q2017 accounted for 51% of total sales, but in the 1Q2018 it increased to account for 55% of the total. Sales via smartphones showed a significant increase of 9%.

What is Mobile Marketing?

Activities promoting cognition and understanding of products and services to consumers using mobile terminals (mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, portable game machines, etc.).

The mobile marketing market refers to the entire marketing market through mobile phone internet. Also included here is the so-called “mobile content market” that has expanded with i-mode boom including ringtones and fortune-telling sites. Just recently, it is particularly talked about because the number of mobile sites with new features that have never been seen has increased.

The strength of mobile marketing is to utilize mobile phones that are closest to users”, but if you return the backside, there is no point in providing mobile content or services that are not designed around user usability. Even if you place content or services hit by PC, it does not necessarily hit on mobile.

Mobile Marketing Importance in Digital Marketing

With the rapid evolution of digital marketing and the widespread use of various devices, it is becoming more difficult for marketers to attract and retain the interests of audiences ahead of their competitors. Or it’s hard to keep up with the competition so as not to be late. How can we attract and maintain interest?

In recent decades, phones have evolved from automobile phones to mobile phones and smartphones. As customers adapted to such changes, marketers needed to adapt as well.

How to Improve Mobile Marketing Strategy

Think Globally – While developing a mobile marketing strategy, one should consider how to position it in activities on other channels, and how to link information from each channel to another channel. By checking these points, you can decide how to change messages according to each channel and individual.

Acquire appropriate Users – The mobile industry is intensely competitive and expensive to acquire new users. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate a plan so that wasteful labor is not involved in acquiring users who cannot expect continued securing of royalties and engagement.

Audience Targeting – Once you have determined the target audience, increase the number of new acquisitions by using various channels. You can also increase the awareness of people who do not download your mobile applications by using media (media) and implementing application installation campaigns.  With mobile devices, you can access billions of users’ most familiar devices. Along with that, billions of different data points arise from the interaction. For this reason, it is essential to combine the mobile interactions into a unified view so that you can see the multiple channels on which the audience is being engaged together.

Focus on Long-Term Growth – If you think about growth, it is not enough to see only the narrow range of new acquisitions. A robust mobile marketing strategy is aimed at maintaining user engagement for a long period of time from the moment people recognize your brand until after they switch to users or customers.