Top Mobile Marketing Tips for New Business

The market in mobile business is not something that everyone needs to be told specifically. Everyday more and more people are getting access to mobile phones. There are a billion mobile phones in use today and the rate of ownership growth is huge. Recent surveys say that there are 9 new phone owners every second and phone are not in the mood to let go of their phones. The ease at which communication takes place via these phones is almost addicting.

These facts have encouraged many new businesses to expand their business to mobile phone markets. Little advertisements with well displayed message is can attract numerous customers to have a look see at your products or services. But with new technologies being innovated and implemented on a daily basis, it is hard for people to keep up with the trend. Institutes like Digital Floats provide training in digital marketing in Hyderabad and can help in providing the right kind of guidance required to learn about mobile marketing tips and strategy for new small business .

The correct mobile marketing strategies need to be implemented in order to make the most of use a useless opportunity. Here I present before you my top ten mobile marketing tips and strategies for small business tips so that it may help you and your business to grow in the field of mobile marketing.

1) Assess how ready is your business for Mobile Marketing  Tips and Strategy :
Not every Business is suitable for mobile phones. There are some businesses that have the potential to create billion dollar markets through mobile phones by implementing the correct mobile marketing strategies while there are those which are not suited at all. This is the job of the entrepreneur or the business manager to decide if and how suitable your business can be if it is expanded to mobile phones. A targeted consumer must have a nice experience while going through your site or application. Also take your time in surveying before you execute such a plan.

2) Develop a Mobile Friendly version of your website:
Not every customer will be interested in your website unless they can access it whenever and however they want. Consider this a very clever mobile marketing tip. If a consumer views your website on the desktop version and is impressed by the vivid images, the dynamics of website and how the website has presented the ideas that your business wants to represent, it does not mean that the customer is done viewing it. On a later date if the same customer wants to access your website through a mobile phone, he/she cannot be disappointed by the different version if the same website. But it also cannot be that data demanding as that is something consumers do not like. Implement ideas like quick form filling or registering so that your consumer can stay in touch with your offers and updates without having to lose data in searching your site.

3) Use Responsive Design for all your websites:
Responsive Design is a technique to develop websites where the website is created in such a manner that it fits into the screen of any device that access it. Not every phone has the same dimensions or the same mode of access. Some use small phones and some use browsers which demand the lighter version (less data demanding versions) of every website. It is not possible in reality to create a different website design for every phone on the planet. Therefore, if you do not use Responsive design, you and your business will miss out on many potential customers.

4) Target new device owners:
Whenever your business if made aware of new registrations mobile markets such as google play or Windows store, send them links to your website or application and give them the seasonal offers to attract them further. Providing new customers with sweet deals is a very efficient mobile marketing strategy. Offers like free app download and or 20-30% discount on various purchases has a high chance of working on new and demanding customers. Provide a sense of urgency to your customers my giving them a limited time offers. New Interested consumers will try to avail this offer.

5) Maintain Simplicity and easy navigation:
The key behind the success of every mobile application or mobile website has been its simplicity and its appeal. Too many complications can not only make you lose potential customers but is also tougher to build. Keep it Simple. Create a brand logo based on which the website is build. A simple scroll up and down the page should be enough to explore all the options that your application or website has to offer to the customers. This is a very useful mobile marketing idea. For high data attachments, use option like “Click Her to Download” or “Click Here to display” to make the consumer aware that the content requires high data to show.

6) Be careful about Text marketing:
Sending a text message directly to the customers’ number is a risky business. Such messages mean requiring the personal time of the customer. A notification to the customer directly should have something of value. If he/she opens the message and spends time reading it, it should be worth their time. Limit your messages to the bare minimum and when you do choose to send a text, it should be a time reminder of a limited time offer or a special offer just for that particular customer. This will create an impression that your business takes care of its customers. But if the frequency of these messages increase, there is a high chance that the customer might find it annoying. So be careful and smart about it.

7) Take advantage of social media:
Almost 70% of all mobile phone users are present on some sort of social media. Be it Facebook, Twitter or Instagram etc. Advertise your business by making pages or utilize Facebook Ads and other advertisement option on these platforms. Exposure to such platforms can turn out to be highly beneficial for your business.

8) Understand the customer’s requirements:
A business which requires more textual information rather than graphic information, and look at your website for help, you need to be prepared for that. Your Business should have a target customer. It is a very important Mobile Marketing Idea that you should know the mindset and needs of your potential customers.

9) Make Mobile Marketing a solo venture:
Do not try to make your mobile phone venture an extension of your desktop version. People should have their own experience while checking out your mobile phone apps or websites. Add features which are unique to the mobile phone. Such features may include notifications, offline activities which cannot be done through a personal computer. Scanning QR codes and identifying locations for providing better and customized options for every customer are something that should be considered.

10) Keep testing your website all the time:
Check out your website or application from the customer’s point of view. Always keep updating them from time to time so that your website is up to date with every new advancement in mobile technologies. Remove bugs in originate and updated codes and listen to the complaints of the current users.
So, these were my top 10 advices for every business trying to expand or aspire in the field of mobile marketing. There are institutes like Digital Floats that provides training in digital marketing in Hyderabad and can help in providing the right kind of guidance required to learn about advanced mobile marketing tips and strategy.