Powerful Keywords You Can Use to Frame Striking SEO Strategy

The keyword is a floor plan on which all marketing efforts are based. Keywords can be classified according to their characteristic.

When classifying keywords by “Lifetime”

  • Long tail keyword
  • Middle range keyword
  • Short tail keyword

When classifying keywords by “search demand”

  • Big keyword
  • Middle keyword
  • Small keyword

Big Keyword and Small Keyword

Of the search keywords targeted by the site, the keyword with the highest number of searches is called ‘Big Keyword’, and the more specific keyword is called ‘Small keyword’. It is a term often used to think about countermeasure keywords in SEO and listing advertisement.

Going for a big influence ‘big keyword’ that anyone can think of is, of course, important, but in order to carry out cost-effective keyword marketing, it is important to understand ‘small keywords’ correctly, It is necessary to take measures that conscious of both.

Difference between Big & Small Keywords

Big Keyword

As the number of searches increases, one can expect a large increase in impressions by displaying it in a higher order. It is difficult to raise the ranking relatively as much as there are other competing sites.

Small Keyword

Search frequency is low and there is no influence on inflow even if only one is taken. Since competition is small, the ranking is easy to raise.

What is a Good Keyword

 When selecting SEO keywords, it is important to think about ‘what kind of keywords users will purchase their products from’. For example, when it is said to be a keyword, beginners tend to use the main products handled on their site and the selling of their own page as keywords as they are. Of course, it is also necessary as one of the keywords, but that alone is not enough.

It is very important to think about ‘what kind of customer is the customer of the future’ and ‘what kind of benefit you are asking’ that comes to your site and buys goods. A keyword that shows benefits for such potential customers is recognized as being a good SEO keyword because it is recognized that the merit that the user imagined and the merchandise are in accord with so that it is easier to convert.

Niche Keyword

A niche keyword (niche word) is a keyword with fewer conflicts with the number of searches or CVR that is supposed. If you are an affiliate beginner, finding such keywords and implementing SEO measures is effective in increasing the number of site access and CV.

Big Keyword VS Niche Keyword

It is no longer a realistic goal to take SEO measures aiming at a high-level display with one big keyword (head keyword). Since the introduction of the Hummingbird algorithm in 2013, the importance of creating content that gives top priority to the user’s search intent has increased.

Middle Keyword

The middle keyword (middle word) is a keyword that has a certain volume in both the search keyword and the competition number at the middle of the big keyword and the small keyword. It is a popular keyword group because it is easier to display high-ranking search results even on small and medium sites.

Long Tail Keyword

The long tail keyword is a search word that combines multiple words into a single word with many searches such as “Digital Marketing” “best institute”. Setting long-tail keywords is a fundamental of SEO measures and is an important item. Generally speaking, a combination of three or more keywords is called a long tail keyword. If you understand the needs of a niche, it is recommended that you select the long tail keyword and focus on it.

Short Tail Keyword

Search phrases with only one or words are Short Tail Keyword. Focusing on short tail (high demand) keywords has the opposite effect. If you want to achieve a huge number of traffic anyway, it is recommended that you focus on the short tail keyword.

Why pay attention not only to the short tail keyword but also to the long tail keyword?

One of the reasons is that cost performance is higher and countermeasures are taken quickly, especially for emerging enterprises to take long tail keyword measures. One need to spend a lot of time and resources to become ranked top of ‘Men’s shoes’, but ‘Blue soft sports shoes men’ should be able to produce results with less time and resources.