India as a Digital Marketing Hub

So, we’ve been talking a whole lot about Digital Marketing, related career options and how lucrative it can be. But where does this industry stand in the global scenario? Is Digital Marketing a fad that’s here today, gone tomorrow? Well, going by the analysis of leading e-commerce experts, the answer is “No.” Digital Marketing is the present and future of the way companies reach out to people to sell their wares, with India holding the second position in the DM industry.

Compared to the early years of the 21st century, more and more globally located companies are outsourcing their work to India. This calls for profiting digital marketing strategies that can generate leads and increase sales.

Domestically too, the country has seen a rapid rise in start-ups. To them, the internet has proved to be powerful platform to access customers through digital marketing. With DM, they no longer need to shy away from the big players. Instead, they can compete with them as equals to market their products and services. These are some of the important reasons why Digital Marketing professionals are the need of the hour. Also, as competition increases, it will be up to the Digital Marketers to come up with innovative marketing techniques to help sustain businesses and keep them moving forward.

The advancements that will happen, however, will be in the way Digital Marketing strategies are used. They will become more innovative, engaging and personalised as per the individual’s preferences and interests. SEO, SEM and SMM will b used to not only sell a product or service but also inform and create awareness around it so that the person is emotionally coerced into fill his shopping cart. Immediate personal satisfaction will be teamed up with the fulfilment of long-term needs and goals. And as always, content will be the driving force behind all these Digital Marketing strategies.

To achieve the future goals of Digital Marketing, digital marketers will have to dig deeper into the customer psyche of wants and needs. Extensive research will be the need of the hour.

Such a degree of awareness for the future is possible only if aspiring digital marketers act today. They should take up a consolidated training programme in Digital Marketing, which educates them about website creation, SEO, SEM and SMM techniques, online reputation management (ORM), Google Analytics, mobile marketing, affiliate marketing, AdSense, blogging and more.