Why Is Important to Know About Target Audience & Its Basic Principles

Target audience is a group of users that some advertising events are aimed at, in which advertisers are interested and/or who is interested in any information. An audience is a group of people whose response is intended for all marketing activities of the brand. 

An audience is people who satisfy the need that your product or service solves, and have something in common:

  • geographical signs (location of the region, access to the media, climate, population, transport infrastructure, etc.
  • demographic characteristics (age, gender, marital status, number of children, nationality, education, profession, etc.
  • economic characteristics like employment and income;
  • psychographic signs (lifestyle, type of temperament, cultural tastes, character traits, type of thinking, life position, dreams)
  • preference for a particular social network.
  • motivation to buy.
  • purchase methods and more.

Why It Is Important to Know You About Target Audience

An audience of the product is a specific group of people that all marketing communications of the brand are directed to. The audience includes not only existing customers of the company’s product but also potential customers, the involvement of which is important to achieve a stable position in the industry.

Different Types of Target Audience

Primary Audience

The primary or primary target audience is a priority in brand communication and means a group of people who directly decide on the need to purchase a product or service. The primary audience is the initiator of the purchase.

Indirect Audience

The secondary or indirect target audience plays a more passive role and even if it can participate in the purchase process, it is not the initiator of the need to purchase a product or service. Secondary audience has a lower priority for brand communication.

Basic Principles of Working with Target Audience

The presence of an audience for the product allows you to concentrate on a specific group of market consumers and create the perfect product for them, sell it in the right place with the right communication. The target audience defines the boundaries of the target market of the company and is determined using special marketing research. In fact, a target audience is a group of people who need your product and who are interested in the benefits offered by the product.

The target audience of the product is a specific consumer segment of the market or a group of such segments, respectively, any target audience is characterized by signs and characteristics that are common to each of its representatives. And it depends on you, by what criteria you unite consumers into a target audience:

  • by geographical: for example, the target audience is residents of India
  • by socio-demographic: for example, the audience is women aged 20-30 with an average income, occupying the positions of an average statistical office employee
  • on psychographic: for example, the audience is people who strive for self-expression and self-affirmation in society
  • by behavioral: for example, the audience is people who buy the product 1 or fewer times

It is important to pay attention to its size and population dynamics, expressed in thousands of people. The size of the audience allows you to assess the potentials market and sales volume, and therefore evaluate the profitability of the business, return on advertising investments and long-term growth of the company.

Determining the Audience Size for The Company’s Product

If you have a product whose characteristics are difficult to change, it is better to choose the audience size, starting from the product with which you must work. You can determine the audience in two main ways: build on the product that you sell; or build on the size of the market you want to capture.