Detailed Explanation of Penguin Update to Avoid Google Penalty

Penguin Update is an update to the algorithm used by Google to determine the ranking of the web page to display against the search query entered by the searcher. It is an algorithm to lower the search ranking of sites that are running web spam that violates Google Webmaster Guidelines.

First penguin update was done in April 2012 and like panda update, it is an update that has made publishers frightening every time they announce, but since September 2016 it has been incorporated into regular updates of Google and no announcement of implementation is done.

It lowers the evaluation of the website using the SEO method ‘Black Hat SEO’ which violated Google quality guidelines, but by reviewing the evaluation on the quality of the link, one can infer the low-quality link It is aimed at lowering the ranking of the Web site that is receiving.

Before the penguin update was enforced, even if the quality is low, even if the number of links is large, it was able to display even a website that is useless for the user. Therefore, Google updated the algorithm so that websites that would be of high value to search users are displayed.

Which Site Falls Down Ranking

There is a possibility that the sites that intentionally raise the ranking in violation of Google’s guidelines (in particular countermeasures against links) may fall in ranking. In short, the site that is carrying out illegal link countermeasures is dangerous for the purpose of SEO measures (raising the ranking).  Specifically, attention should be paid to the site where the linked as below is set.

  • Mutual link
  • Directory registration type link
  • Blog comment link
  • A linked program that automatically increases

Measures for Penguin Update

The Penguin update is a check to see if unauthorized link countermeasures are being implemented. If the rank drops significantly, first check whether there is a penalty warning for Google Search Console.

Check whether a penalty is coming to Google Search Console

  • Log in to Google Search Console
  • Inside Search Traffic – Display Manual Action Screen

What Kind of Site’s Evaluation Falls

Penguin Update is said to be an update that lowers the overall rating against actions against the guidelines, but the biggest impact is the collection of many links from the following website.

  • Sites with low-quality sites just gathered and processed the contents of other sites
  • Link site meaningless to the searcher
  • Meaningless link network for SEO only

In other words, a link collection with low quality which some SEO companies sell, excessive mutual link which is done only for SEO purpose, directory registration site registered for SEO which anyone can register. It is said that the evaluation has been lowered so that the spam page which has applied excessive technique by SEO does not come to the top of the search result, such as the link program of the mechanism which increases.

Built-in Core Algorithm to be Updated in Real Time

As panda updates were incorporated into the core algorithm, Penguin updates are also incorporated into core algorithms and updated in real time.

Since it became a real-time update, the degree of influence is not fixed. There are keywords that moved greatly, and there are keywords that are not affected so much. The fluctuation range of queries with a lot of spam is considered to be larger than other queries.

The difference from Panda Update

Penguin Update is an update that imposes penalties on websites targeting SEO spam and poor quality links. On the other hand, Panda Update is an update that imposes sanctions on Web sites targeting low-quality content such as overlapping content and content that is not pale.


It is difficult to conclude that the penguin update is the reason why the ranking of its site has declined. This is because there are many other algorithms to determine to rank beside penguins. Also, there is no particular merit from concluding that the decline in rank is due to penguin update. It would be better to try to figure out what went down due to the cause rather than investigating which update it fell.

Building a web page with the aim of providing high quality and meaningful information to searchers rather than building sites to deal with Google’s algorithmic updates will ultimately result in search engine algorithm updates.